Good in the Sack Achievement

  • Good in the Sack



    Place your first bedroll, old bed or king sized bed

    This achievement will also be one of the first achievements you’re likely to unlock. For this achievement you will have to either craft or find a bedroll, or craft an old bed or king sized bed. The easiest one to do would be to craft the bedroll. To do so, gather 20 plant fibers by pressing while looking at some tall grass. After you have 20, open your crafting menu by tapping , click on the first tab that has the icon of a campfire, select Bedroll, and then press to start crafting.

    Once you have crafted the bedroll, either drag it to your hotbar at the bottom of the screen or click in on the to quickmove it to your hotbar. After it's on your hotbar, equip it in your hand and place it on the ground with . The achievement should unlock after you have placed the item.


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