Alexander the Great Achievement

  • Alexander the Great



    Kill 2500 other players

    This achievement will require you to be playing on a multiplayer server, whether it be your own private server or a public server. The best, and realistically the only way to get this achievement is to have someone help you boost. Ideally, that person could also be going for the "Meet Your Maker" achievement.

    The simplest way to unlock this achievement would be to craft a few crossbows, several thousand bolts, and just kill your partner every time they respawn on their bed. One or two headshots should kill a person but you have to wait until the other person is fully respawned otherwise they will take no damage from the bolt.

  • Need Help? Bone Scar 360
  • I will boost with anyone to get this. Message me if interested. ThreeLegWonder is my gamertag
  • Willing to boost: currently am at 1 player killed... so I've got a ways to go. I usually am on (and live at from 6pm - 9pm East coast time. Gamertag: Bongiovi ROCKS
  • I'm willing to boost this if anyone wants to. My GT is Kahos Rayne
  • Anybody wanna boost this? Gt: Fellanubis1986
  • Happy to boost this with all when i am on add me Halloween316
  • Willing to boost GT: Catherine072
  • wanna boost this guys ? 2500 is a fu**ing lot.
  • If anyone is willing to help me out msg me. Gamertag: DSMCR Also im looking for help with a bunch of other games as well. And if there's any achievements you need help with im willing to help
  • im willing to boost this for someone if they can also help me gt is The L0ne Camper
  • Looking for someone to boost this achievement with... to make the achievement a little less tedious, i am looking at gaining around 100 kills a day for both, hopefully taking no more then an hour to achieve this. Gamertag:- Tupacaveli2 Feel free to add me and send a message what it is you are adding me for
  • Looking for help with this achievement.

    GT is warpedsabre52

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