The Picture of Good Health Achievement

  • The Picture of Good Health



    Reached 200 in Wellness

    This achievement is probably the most complicated one in the game. The reason for this is because there is only a few ways to raise your wellness. You can raise your wellness by consuming items like cooked meats, tea, or vitamins. When you make a new character, your wellness will start out at “level” 100, and to increase it you will have to eat enough food to increase your wellness “xp”.

    The amount of xp required between levels from 100-150 is only 2xp per level, and the xp required per level for 151-200 is 4. As you can’t gorge yourself in this game, you can only eat when your hunger is below 100% (except vitamins, these can be eaten at any time) and depending on how many points you have in the survivor perk, could take a while for your hunger to drain. However, this game does have a debuff that you can use to your advantage to make your hunger drain faster. If you can find a freezing biome in your game, just stand there until you start to freeze. When your body temperature is between 11-31 degrees, your hunger will deplete faster. Just simply eat food to keep your hunger above 100% and you will eventually unlock this achievement.

  • play singleplayer, zombies disabled, scavenger, 10 min days. head to cornfarm.. 923N,653E.. collect 500 corn.. head to diersville.. collect all glass bottles.. build campfire and clean your water, turn corn to corn meal, turn cornmeal to cornbread.. 0.4 welness boost for cornbread..
  • chop down enough trees to gather 10,000 wood. make max wooden frames, this boosts your misc crafting.. it should be enough to max, if not keep going.. anything you make, attack, harvest, etc.. counts towards a skill set, so the more you do, the more you level.. i recommend you focus on misc craft 1st, then place the frame and use stone axe to fortify, build a base, then another and keep on.. thus leveling your construction tool.. use your points and put them in the survivor perk, this will add wellness gain % per rank.. you need level 40 to max this perk.. next the health nut will add wellness to your bar, this needs athletics to go up.. build a track and fortify it, run n circles and get your achievement.. or play legit and kikll zombies.. your welcome
  • bacon and eggs do 1 in wellness meat stew does 1.4 have not eaten veggie stew
  • ok, so gather red plants and yellow. they make tea with water bottle make alot.. they boost wellness.. find pills.. get your cornbeard, meat stew, veggie stew, or any other wellness booster you have.. go to the cold area, get naked and start eating, over time you lose health and food brings it back a little, hence you gain wellness.. eat pills to dehydrate you, then drink either tea, this will boost you too. the more you bring with the faster you boost.. have fun
  • I'm going to try the perks. I've been drinking nothing but Goldenrod Tea and eating a lot of Bacon & Eggs. I just reached 125 and I'm 75% or so through the 1250 minutes so it's going pretty slow.
  • Figured out a very minor speed up through drinks. Goldenrod and Red Tea both give 0.2 Wellness. Beer gives you -1 Hydration and no wellness change. So you can drink one, drink a tea and repeat. After 6 or so you'll get drunk which slows your max speed down by 10%, so you may want to pace yourself. Beer is pretty hard to find, though (it's in coolers, both blue and store ones). In 50 days, I think I've found like 20-30. The other is Coffee, which dehydrates you as well but also lowers your wellness by 0.1. Since tea boosts it by 0.2, you can drink a coffee and then a tea to slowly gain 0.1 wellness. I recommend red tea since it cools you down 14% and Coffee heats you up 14% countering each other. But if you're in a snow biome, you may want to use Goldenrod if you want to stay warm. Ag

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