On Top of the World Achievement

  • On Top of the World



    Get up to the 255 meter height in a game

    This achievement, while a bit misleading, is actually very simple to get. What you have to do is get up to the highest possible point in the game, which is 252 meters from bedrock. Elevation wise, the highest point in the game is 194 meters of elevation. The easiest way to obtain this achievement is to cut down a few trees and craft about 220 wood frames.

    After all of them are done crafting, just find the tallest hill you can find and start jumping and placing the blocks below you by clicking at the height of your jump. While doing this, take your time a bit because if you try to place blocks to fast, the game might register that you are inside one of the blocks and throw you off the tower. Once you’re at the very top of the world, and you will know you are because you will be unable to place anymore blocks, the achievement will unlock.

  • collect 6000 wood, make max amount of wood block, build straight up as high as you can go. achievement pops when you can not place anymore.. (be careful not to fall off the side)
  • That doesnt work. One after so high structure collapses. So i built to towers side by side which allows u to build higher. Hit the max height no ach and was only at 194m
  • incorrect sir, check my achievements... Bone Scar 360
  • i built straight up from random location, cut down 6 trees, made log cabin blocks, built till i touched the sky, then jumped off killing myself.. made a clip too..
  • mistake found, start private/single player.. go to block durability and set to 200..
  • I still cant get any higher then 194m. ive tried from 1m then i went to a huge hill that was 74m thinking 190 plus 70 will get me there but nope stopped at 194M again. But block durability makes sense i never touched that before
  • Ill try increasing durability see if i can go higher
  • The reason it wasnt working for me im guessing was......i was using wood frames lol i switched to log cabins like u said and sure enough i hit 194M n pop achievement. Thanks for the help by the way.
  • Wood frames worked just fine for me. Durability at 200.

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