Dig Deep Achievement

  • Dig Deep



    Get down to 3 meters or bedrock in a game

    This achievement is very easy to obtain, especially if you have iron or steel tools. Unlike Minecraft, there is no lava for you to worry about, so if you want, you can just dig straight down until you hit bedrock. You will know you’re at bedrock because it will make a weird, melodic sound when struck with anything. Once you hit bedrock, the achievement will unlock.

  • Quick method... Set up a new local game (or private if you have friends who want it). Go into modded options and set block durability to 25 and enemy spawn off. Make a stone axe and gather supplies to make more (100 wood and fibers and maybe 20 rocks should be plenty) Then find a low spot on the map (water level is fine) and start digging straight down. Even with no energy you should be breaking 30 or so off at a time to start and it increases as you level up. Keep making new stone axes when you need them (load up your toolbelt with four or more at a time helps). I had it pop within five minutes or so, never had to bother with clothes, food, water, a bed roll, etc.

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