The Polar Bare Club Achievement

  • The Polar Bare Club



    Be naked, feels like temperature 0° or lower, and 100% wet

    To obtain this achievement, it’s best to find a snow biome that is near a body of water. You will also need to make some red tea, which is made at a campfire (that has a cooking pot) using Bottled Water and Chrysanthemums. Once you have your tea, make your way to the snow biome, take off all of your clothes (a cowboy hat can be worn to make your temperature drop faster, but must be taken off to unlock the achievement), jump in the water, then go sit in the shade in the snow.

    When your temperature gets down to 5 degrees, take the hat off if you’re wearing one, drink your red tea, and wait until your temperature hits 0. If you are crouching in snow your wetness won’t drop, but you will have to wait for it to get to 100% if you wore a cowboy hat. Once your body temperature hits 0, your wetness is 100% and if you are wearing no form of clothing or armor, the achievement will unlock.

  • any quick ways to do this? in Navezgane? Or random gen?
  • Just got this in a random game (was getting The Homestead Act). It was raining and I was 100% wet so I ignored all the starting stuff like making an axe or clothes and instead made a wooden club to defend myself and just kept running North and watched as the temp dropped. Eventually it hit 0 (I was stage 2 hypothermia, I believe) and after a few seconds it popped. Didn't bother with red tea or the cowboy hat. Also, wasn't in a snow biome either. The club is optional, but I ended up using it when I ran into a zombie.

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