Dirty Larry Achievement

  • Dirty Larry



    Kill 44 punks with a 44 magnum

    This achievement is slightly luck based as to how fast you will unlock it. The achievement requires you to kill 44 zombies with the 44 magnum. First, you have to acquire a 44 magnum, which requires you to get lucky and find the Enforcer Magazine so that you unlock the blueprint to make the 44 magnum. After you have the blueprint, you then have to find all 4 parts (the frame, cylinder, parts, and grip). Once you have them, just go into your inventory, click on any of them to select the item, then click to assemble the parts, doing so will bring up a different crafting menu which you will have to drag all the different parts into their respective spots.

    After you have your gun, now you have to craft some bullets for it. To craft 44 magnum bullets you have to acquire the perk for crafting them which requires 40 gunsmithing. Crafting bullet tips requires you to have a forge with an anvil inside, and if you don’t have any bullet casings, then you also need calipers (which can’t be crafted, but have to be found in working stiff crates). Once you have some bullet tips and casings, you will need some gunpowder, it takes 1 bullet tip, 1 case, and 3 gunpowder to make 1 bullet. After you have made about 100 44 magnum bullets just go out and kill zombies. After you have killed 44 zombies with your 44 magnum, this achievement will unlock.

  • Is this just "kill 44 zombies with 44 magnum"?
  • Yeah 44 zombies get the achievement
  • Yes, "punks" is just the Dirty Larry reference. After 44 kills it should pop for you.
  • Harry
  • Just got this on the 91st day (with the standard item respawn, lowering it will likely help a lot). I recommend boosting your gunsmithing quite a bit (make gunpowder, search out crates for gun books you already have) and learning The Fixer perk. The .44 needs repaired a decent bit, so you'll need Repair Kits as well. And in my experience, finding a quality .44 is somewhat hard. My best is 222 and my other two one is in the 120's and the third is 55. After that, search out hoards. The morning after a blood moon is a great time (6 am standard settings, 4 am if you bump up the daylight to the max) as does searching out houses/camps you haven't visited as you can generally find 4 or more zombies there. And if you haven't used guns yet, they attract zombies in a 50m-ish radius (depending on

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