Nearly Immortal Achievement

  • Nearly Immortal



    1250 Minutes Lived in a Single Player Game

    This achievement, while fairly time consuming (since it requires you to survive for nearly 21 hours in single player without dying), is actually not that hard. The easiest way to unlock it is to create a single player map, and in the settings change the zombie spawn to very low, zombies never run, day time 18 hours, and 24 hour cycle to 120 minutes. By doing this you will have 1.5 hours of in game daylight to work on other achievements or exploring and looking for loot. Then come night time, if you don’t want to risk getting killed by a zombie because they become stronger at night, you can just hole up in your house with the doors closed and watch TV until it becomes day time again.

    If you do hole up in your house at night, be sure you turn off your campfire, otherwise zombies will sense it and try to break into the house. If you want someone to help you, then you can also turn on another controller and play splitscreen with them. After you have survived for 1250 minutes real time, this achievement will unlock.

  • map in link shows all locations on navezgame map.. Perishtown is not located on map.. coordinates as follows: Perishtown Bank... 1829N,1623W Farm north of dierville... 923N,653E.. (Corn on farm) Apartment Tower... 430S,477W.. Diersville... 654N,1005E..
  • New game, Singleplayer, disable zombies, set as 120 mins per day, scavenger difficulty, start game.. first things first you need to complete the tutorial missions for that skill point, then head towards the farm north of diersville. (always grab glass bottles anywhere you go) collect 500 pieces of corn, that will be plenty.. now head to diersville and loot. build campfire and turn murky water to clean, then make corn to cornmeal, then cornmeal to cornbread.. notice its 0.4 wellness gain, yes this will boost your wellness. now keep collecting bottles, get water and keep making cornbread.. from here you just play have fun waste time and build a tunnel.. lol.. coordinates above show bank of perishtown where 12 safes are behind a vault door, a grocery store in town, water treatm
  • water treatment facility, and houses to loot.. your welcome
  • Are these in game minutes or real world minutes??
  • 1250 reals mins.. like 20 hrs 50 mins
  • if you build a base, turn up zombies to 200%, things get rather interesting.. have fun
  • You have to do this in a local game. Survival multiplayer doesn't work
  • I disabled zombies. Found a cabin near a snow biome to use as a home. Snow biomes are easy to gather water, scavenge in tree stumps for supplies and easy to see animals to hunt. Beyond that, it was just watching out for bears (keep bandages or first aid kits on you) and steering clear of the military base as they're lined with mines.

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