Big Bully Achievement

  • Big Bully



    Became the big bully of the village (Single Player)

    Simply kick your Keflings (kick by standing near them and pushing ) 30 times to get this one. I suggest doing it at the very beginning of the game, as you have plenty of unoccupied Keflings to kick around.
  • Awesome achievement. Who doesn't like to abuse poor helpless people smaller than your pinky toe?
  • whitch button is to kick them? and pick them up?
  • the button is, if I remember, X. I felt bad getting this achievement trough.
  • you have to kick a kefling about 30 times? for this to unlock. Press X to kick or you can pick them up with A then press X to punt them.
  • 15 was enough for me :) It's easiest doing this in an area where you don't have too many buildings around.
  • thz 4 the help
  • Where is your god now keflings?!...Oh wait I am their god! Love this achievement!
  • got it

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