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    Built a glorious statue of oneself (Single Player)

    This one can be unlocked once you have created a Sculptor. In the Sculptor, the bottom of the list (excluding the Stockpiles) has statues called Busts of (Somename). There are four different ones. Choose whichever one your want and build four of them. Make sure that you're making four copies of the same Bust, not four different ones. Arrange these four Busts in a square, much like the Town Square and it will form a Colossus. The achievement will then unlock.
    NOTE: You will also need to have built a Wizard's Tower in order to create the Magic Powder required for building the busts.
  • The only reason I gave it a 5-star is because this is my 30,000th Gamerscore point. did it on purpose so I would get this one instead of the "King" achievement for this game. I just like the picture better :-P
  • how did you get it?
  • how do i build this, where can i find it?
  • Agreed I have yet to figure this one out too
  • i heard that you put 4 bust statues in a square formation aswell but that dosent work and i dont know how you get this achievement :/
  • @P3T3R 123 yeah you do they just have to all be the same. I have this on my other account :)
  • all you have to do is build 4 busts of someone e.g. trevor
  • yup build four busts of the same person and put them all by each other in a square
  • To get it you need to get 4 busts of someone (Not your avatar. I was pissed when i figured this out...) and put all 4 of them in a square shape somewhere and you'll get the achievement
  • Ya I played as the "Naira" character and I made 4 busts of Naira, put them together and got the achievement. I think it does NOT work if you use your avatar as the character.
  • Confirmed: I played through as my avatar, built 4 busts of Grant, and DID GET THE ACHIVEVEMENT. Repeat: It works with any 4 busts, regardless of character.
  • i will definitely have to re-download this game
  • how do you build busts?
  • You build them at the Sculptor. Each bust costs 22 cut stone, and 15 magic powder.
  • *****NOTE***** Please make sure you are playing on single player only to get this Achievement!!! *****NOTE*****
  • just put any 4 of the little guy statues altogether an it will make one big gold statue an it will then pop
  • got it

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