-Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10
-Offline: 10 (180)
-Online: 2 (20)
-Approximate amount of time to 200: 5-8 Hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
-Number of missable achievements: None
-Glitched achievements: None
-Do cheat codes disable achievements: No Cheat Codes
-Does difficulty affect achievements: No


A Kingdom For Keflings is one of the easiest Arcade games to 200 to date. If you're an avid gamer then the game shouldn't take you too long. There are no cheats for the game but they are not needed as it is easy enough without them.

Offline Achievements:
These can be achieved in around 5-7 hours even if you take breaks so your Kingdom can acquire more resources. It is easiest and quickest to complete if you get them in the following order:

#1 - Siegfried (or Roy) - Automatically unlocked as you progress through the story.

#2 - Big Bully - Just kick the 4 Keflings you start off with a total of 30 times.

#3 - If I Had a Hammer - Story related, cannot be missed. The Lumbermill is one of the first buildings you build.

#4 - Think Big - Story related, cannot be missed. The contractors office is the first building you NEED to build which is 8 squares large.

#5 - Frank Lloyd - Story related, cannot be missed. 25 blueprints shouldn't take long to get.

#6 - Master Builder - Simple achievement, just build a cathedral.

#7 - Haberdasher - Story related, you'll need to assign a Kefling to every possible job to progress in the game.

#8 - Like Rabbits - Acquire love and build houses to make your population rise.

#9 - King - Story related, you must build a Castle with 3 connected parts to complete the story.

#10 - Vanity - Refer to the achievement guide for help on this.

Online Achievements:
These will take around an hour to acquire depending on how you go about getting them.

#11 - World Traveller - This will more than likely unlock before "Friend". Just see 20 banners in total.

#12 - Friend - Just have 10 player banners built in you own Kingdom. Refer to the achievement guide for more info.

There you go, an easy 200 and it doesn't take that long. If you somehow managed to miss some Single player achievements, just load up your Kingdom, and get them from there.
Congratulations on completing the game.
[x360a would like to thank WaDiNhO for this road map]

A Kingdom for Keflings Achievement Guide

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There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points

  • Build a lumbermill (Single Player)

    Simply progress through the single player mode and you'll be prompted to build a lumbermill, do so and this will unlock.
  • Train a Kefling (Single Player)

    Another simple achievement that you almost have to get. Simply pick up a Kefling and drop him (or her) on a resource, i.e. Rock Quarry, Forest. The achievement will unlock shortly thereafter.
  • Unlock 25 blueprints (Single Player)

    This achievement will come along as you progress through the game. As you build things, they branch off to make other things. The more you build, the more bonus blue prints you will receive.

    See HERE for a complete guide of each blueprint, what they require, and what they will unlock.
  • Became the big bully of the village (Single Player)

    Simply kick your Keflings (kick by standing near them and pushing ) 30 times to get this one. I suggest doing it at the very beginning of the game, as you have plenty of unoccupied Keflings to kick around.
  • Encounter every possible Kefling hat (Single Player)


    You need to train your Keflings to do everything possible. You must at one point train the following:

    Miner (Stone Quarry)

    Lumberjack (Forest)

    Carrier (Trained to carry goods for you)

    Wool Harvester (Sheep, Sheers are found to the west of town center, embedded in a forest)

    Crystal Harvester (Crystals, Rod found southeast of town, surrounded by Stone Quarries)

    Primary School Student (Kefling placed in Primary School)

    Secondary School Student (Kefling placed in Secondary School)

    Guild Kelfing (Kefling placed in Guildhall)

    Mayor (Kefling placed in Town Hall)

    Lord (Mayor placed in Keep)

    King (Lord placed in Castle)

    Artist (After creating an Artist's Plaza, select it and choose a color to get a Kefling with the hat)

    *NOTE: Artist Hat tends to glitch. If you are positive that you have all the hats but still aren't getting that achievement, select you Artist's Plaza and a color again. This hat seems to reset after each game reboot.


  • Reach a total Kefling population of 30 (Single Player)

    Simply complete all the quests that your Mayor/Lord/King gives you to get love. To get quests, simply go to the Mayor/Lord/King when he has a "!" over his head and push . You should also check the sites your workers are harvesting, as love and other upgrades are hidden under resources. Use the love to build Houses and Cottages to get your Keflings. 
  • Build a building made of more than 8 pieces (Single Player)


    When you view a blueprint for a building, the required parts are shown. To unlock this achievement you must build a building that requires 8 or more parts. The first blueprint available with more that 8 pieces will be the Contractor's Office. Once it's built it will unlock.


  • Build a cathedral (Single Player)


    This achievement will come relatively late in the game. As it says, you need to successfully construct a cathedral for your town. The Cathedral becomes available after You Build a Tailor, Dye Mixer Upgrade (Unlocks Manor) and a Manor.


  • King



    Finish a complete castle with three connected parts (Single Player)

    This achievement is unlocked by making it to the end of the main blueprint list and creating a castle. The attachable parts are the Arsenal, the Chatelet, the Main Well, and the Residential Tower. Attach three of these to your castle with Castle Walls to get this achievement.
  • Friend



    Collect 10 unique player banners from other giants during Xbox LIVE play

    When other players join your multiplayer game, they can visit the workshop and build a banner tower, this displays the players gamerpicture, collect 10 unique banner towers in your multiplayer kingdom to unlock this achievement. They must be made in your kingdom. You will have to start a new kingdom. All you need to build is a House, Town Workshop, Lumbermill and a Town Hall. At this point you can make Banner Towers in the Town Workshop.
  • Play in an online game where 20 different player banners appear

    Player banners are banner towers that can be made in workshops, these display the player's gamerpicture. To unlock this achievement you must be in a game in which twenty unique (different players) banner towers are built. This does not have to be your save game therefore you can simply join somebody's game that has twenty banner towers.
  • Vanity



    Built a glorious statue of oneself (Single Player)

    This one can be unlocked once you have created a Sculptor. In the Sculptor, the bottom of the list (excluding the Stockpiles) has statues called Busts of (Somename). There are four different ones. Choose whichever one your want and build four of them. Make sure that you're making four copies of the same Bust, not four different ones. Arrange these four Busts in a square, much like the Town Square and it will form a Colossus. The achievement will then unlock.
    NOTE: You will also need to have built a Wizard's Tower in order to create the Magic Powder required for building the busts.

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