Botanist Achievement in A Plague Tale: Innocence

  • Botanist



    Find all the flowers

    How to unlock Botanist

    There are 13 flowers:

    1. Chapter 3: Carnations - story-related, Hugo automatically walks towards it once he and Amicia enter the small courtyard inside the church.
    2. Chapter 4: Aquilegia - next to the tree in the backyard of alchemist Laurentius's home.
    3. Chapter 5: Gladiolus - on the small hill which oversees the starting area, which can be reached by finding a small path to the left of the main route right before passing the aqueduct and going all the way to the end.
    4. Chapter 7: Hawthorn - inside the furthest house to the right of the well inside the abandoned village.
    5. Chapter 8: St. John's Wort - next to the tree where Amicia and Hugo hang their family necklaces.
    6. Chapter 9: Lavender - behind the second tree to the left of the main path at the starting area.
    7. Chapter 10: Daisy - inside a rat-infested room being shone at by a rotating lantern in the third guarded area in the library.
    8. Chapter 11: Rhododendron - on the castle ground to the right near the outer ring after climbing down the ladder to follow Rodric.
    9. Chapter 12: Cinquefoils - at the end of the path to the left after leaving Hugo's old room in the de Rune estate.
    10. Chapter 13: Daffodil - behind a tree to the right midway along the path after rescuing Hugo.
    11. Chapter 14: Black Nightshade - between some bushes to the further right of the courtyard.
    12. Chapter 15: Rockfoils - at the further side of the storage room adjacent to the starting area.
    13. Chapter 16: Christmas rose - in the small flower field behind the area blocked by a pair of large doors in the ruined city centre where Rodric needs to knock down a door to reach Lucas and Melie. The doors will be opened by a heavy-armor soldier charging into the area to engage the group.

    Consult the following video, which covers every collectible in the game, for their specific locations. All credit goes to its maker, Maka91Productions.

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