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    There are 26 curiosities:

    Chapter 1:

    • Spices - 2nd floor of kitchen inside the estate
    • Tablecloth - on the bed of Amicia's room on the 2nd floor of the estate

    Chapter 2:

    • Soap - on a stool beside a house located behind a small alleyway nearby the stone bridge in the plague-infested village
    • Incense and herbs - on the bed-side table on the 2nd floor of peasant Clervie's home

    Chapter 3:

    • Brew - in the side room directly next to the swinging brazier puzzle below the church
    • Crusader Tabard - in a small box located on the second floor of the room where Hugo climbs down a ladder to reunite with Amicia

    Chapter 4:

    • Hermetic vessel - next to the stump near the river bank in the starting area
    • V.I.T.R.I.O.L - on the table inside the right-hand room on the 2nd floor of alchemist Laurentius' home

    Chapter 5:

    • Sickle - inside the chest to the far left of the area which has a brazier cart and a huge siege tower. Kill the soldier next to the chest to open the chest safely.
    • Oliphant - at the end of the left-hand path before climbing into the fallen siege tower where the trapped English soldier is

    Chapter 6:

    • Pound Sterling - on a table inside the workshop area to the right of the group of red tents in the middle of the camp
    • Declaration of War - on a stool in one of the red tents to the left of the camp near the ending area

    Chapter 7:

    • Horseshoe - on a plank inside the abandoned house next to the mill in the starting area. To access the house, locate the workshop in the same area and shoot a stone through the opening to get rid of the window blocking the entrance point
    • Map - on the table in the outpost to the furthest right of the area directly outside a castle gate in the woods

    Chapter 8:

    • Iconography - at the top end of the spiral column of stairs which descends to the laboratory
    • Bird Language Manual - behind the barrel at the top of the chateau where Amicia talks to Melie

    Chapter 9:

    • Sheepskin - inside the 1st floor chest in the house where a hanging corpse must be dropped to progress
    • Piece of Transis - on the wall inside a covered grave near the graveyard. To reach the covered grave, climb over the ledge next to the cart and go left

    Chapter 10:

    • Study of a skinned person - on a seat to the right of a long corridor while following Rodric
    • Theriaque - on the table inside a corner alcove in the crank puzzle room in the underground library

    Chapter 12:

    • Harnois Helmet - in an opened chest in the far right corner of the room past the dining hall in the estate
    • Family tree - on the table near the two copper stills inside the secret laboratory

    Chapter 13:

    • Rag doll - on the child's bed inside the nook to the left of the main path before heading through the door opened by Clervie
    • Knight figurine - on the table in the old alchemy room directly opposite to Hugo's bedroom

    Chapter 16:

    • Discipline - next to a dead soldier at the end of the alleyway accessed by going right from the main route near the starting area
    • Inquisitor's Manual - behind several barrels to the right of the flight of stairs whose top is a public execution platform near the ending area

    Consult the following video, which covers every collectible in the game, for their specific locations. All credit goes to its maker, Maka91Productions.

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