Big sister Achievement in A Plague Tale: Innocence

  • Big sister



    Find all the gifts for the orphans

    How to unlock Big sister

    There are 11 gifts:

    1. Chapter 1: Whistle - on the 2nd floor of the estate stables.
    2. Chapter 2: Amulets and talismans - on the small dock before entering the plague-infested village.
    3. Chapter 3: Rosary - on the right-hand altar inside the church main hall.
    4. Chapter 4: Diary of an alchemist - next to the corpse near the ashore boat near vineyard.
    5. Chapter 5: Ballastella - up the small hill to the left of a story-related brazier catapult.
    6. Chapter 6: Knucklebones - on a small table accessed by going left at the end of the tent filled with sleeping soldiers and green bottles while following new companion, Melie.
    7. Chapter 7: Vinegar - inside the furthest left locked house up a large stone staircase near a cliff in open area.
    8. Chapter 8: Alchemical crucible - to the left of the bottom of the set of spiral staircase which leads upward to the chateau.
    9. Chapter 9: Chessboard - inside the small guard station to the right when directly in front of the university front entrance.
    10. Chapter 10: Reading stone - on the table at the corner of the room where Rodric makes his second silent takedown with Amicia's help.
    11. Chapter 12: Calamus - inside the rat-infested dark hut up a small hill which has a rotating lantern.

    Consult the following video, which covers every collectible in the game, for their specific locations. All credit goes to its maker, Maka91Productions.

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