Not a toy anymore Achievement in A Plague Tale: Innocence

  • Not a toy anymore



    Fully upgrade the sling

    How to unlock Not a toy anymore

    The upgrade function for Amicia's sling is unlocked during Chapter 2 upon a brief tutorial. All six upgrades below are required to fully upgrade the sling.


    • Tier 1: Hitting enemies in the head kills them instantly (mandatory upgrade)
    • Tier 2: Reduces the time it takes Amicia to get out and load her sling (7 Salpeter, 4 Fabric, 9 Cord, 1 Tool)
    • Tier 3: The sling no longer makes any noise (10 Salpeter, 6 Fabric, 15 Cord, 1 Tool)


    • Tier 1: Reduces the time required to achieve maximum accuracy of a shot (7 Alcohol, 3 Leather, 1 Tool)
    • Tier 2: Reduces the reloading time of the sling (9 Alcohol, 7 Leather, 4 Cord, 1 Tool)
    • Tier 3: Allows two shots in a row without reloading and recharging (10 Alcohol, 12 Leather, 9 Cord, 1 Tool)

    Please refer to "Handfull of pockets" for upgrade tips.

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  • Easy Glitch to obtain this achievement: 1- load the chapter X "The way of roses" from select chapter menu, and keep holding the select button while doing so. 2- after Amicia stops talking try to move with the left stick while still holding the select button, if you can move you can let go of the select button, the menu will still show on left side. 3- now hold RB to show the ammunition crafting menu on the right side, and don't let go of RB throughout the entire process. From the left side menu, select an upgrade you already have (white rectangle). 4- now choose an ammunition you can craft and hold the A button to craft it, but as soon as you press A switch fast to an upgrade you don't have in the left side menu using the left stick or using the d-pad buttons.5-continue crafting to obta

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