Savior Achievement in A Plague Tale: Innocence

  • Savior



    Save a soldier

    How to unlock Savior

    During Chapter 5, as Amicia, Hugo and their new companion Lucas cross a corpse-ridden battlefield, they will climb into a collapsed siege tower, where an English soldier will be heard yelling for help and then found trapped on the further side by rats. The trio will have to use a nearby torch to drive away the rats to move forward, but if they walk forward too much the rats will be pushed to the soldier and devour him. To save this soldier, approach him close enough to locate the embers of a light source to the right, head back to put down the torch so that Amicia has her two hands free, and finally throw an Ignifer to lit up the embers. Now protected by light, the soldier will no longer be eaten by rats and the achievement will unlock.

    Consult the following video if you have any trouble. All credit goes to its maker, Trophygamers.

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