Captain Sidekick Achievement in A Plague Tale: Innocence

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    Stay with the captain

    How to unlock Captain Sidekick

    During Chapter 14, Hugo will be the playable character. He will reach a point where he overhears a conversation and decides to follow a high-ranking captain in order to reach the prison and meet someone very important to him. The goal is to tail this captain all the while without being seen. While the first half is straightforward, the second half, which takes place in a courtyard, is trickier because Hugo will have to sneak ahead of the captain when the latter is in a conversation with a fellow soldier. Once Hugo enters the courtyard, turn left and use the bushes as cover to reach the exit on the opposite side. The exit leads to a corridor which offers two paths, to the front into the next room, and to a flight of stairs to the left. Head front into the next room, and hide under the cart. The achievement should unlock soon, long before the captain arrives. Reaching this corridor ahead of the captain is essential because, if not, the captain would close the door behind him, making Hugo no longer able to keep up with him.

    Consult the following video if you have any trouble. All credit goes to its maker, Trophygamers.

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