- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10 [Achievement Difficulty Rating]
- Offline: 35 [1000gs.png]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 1000gs.png: 15-20 hours [Estimated Time to 100%]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1.5 
- Missable achievements: 0 (thanks to chapter select) 
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: N/A
For questions, comments or feedback, please visit the Achievements and Guide Discussion thread.

A Plague Tale: Requiem is the follow up to the 2019 cult/sleeper hit from Asobo Studios, A Plague Tale: Innocence. In it, you play as Amica, a young French girl who's trying to save her brother and the world from some dark evil. It's a stealth action game, with an emphasis on story and world building. In short: it's a great game and well worth playing. From an achievement perspective, like its predecessor, Requiem is a fairly easy game, but there are a few collectibles that are incredibly easy to miss, so do make sure to follow our full collectible guide here.

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
A Plague Tale: Requiem is a relatively easy 1000gs.png, with most of the achievements tied to progression. It is going to take about 1.5-2 playthroughs though, to finish everything, and that's because:
  1. You can't get enough pieces in your first runthrough to upgrade absolutely every tool.
  2. You won't fill the playstyle meters (3 of them, in one run though).
In order to maximise your efficiency with the game then, you want to grab every secret chest and every collectible on your first runthrough. Check out our full collectible guide linked above for that.

And other than that, try and stick to the alchemy playstyle until that's unlocked, and when it is, change your playstyle to one of the other two and then wrap them up. Also, keep an eye out for:
 If you do miss them though, then you can just use chapter to select to get them after you've finished your first run through.

All that should be left after your first playthough is:
  • Tools to upgrade (that you didn't get in playthrough 1)
  • Playstyle to max out (that you didn't get in playthrough 1)
In order to get these, just boot up New Game Plus after you've finished your first runthrough, and then play through as you would with your eye on parts and playstyles.

And there you have it, folks, pay attention to all that and you'll have the 1000gs.png in no time. Plus, you'll have no doubt had a blast doing it and hopefully get moved a little on the way. It's a shame that it pushes players into multiple runthroughs, but at least the game is good. Can't wait for the inevitable third chapter!
[XBA would like to thank Webb for this Roadmap]

A Plague Tale: Requiem Achievement Guide

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There are 35 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Find all flowers

    Throughout Requiem’s story, there are a number of items that make up Hugo’s Collection: to start with, flowers, which if you played the first game, you’ll recognise as a staple collectible from A Plague Tale: Innocence, but later on, a new item is added to his collection: feathers. In all, there are 12 items that make up Hugo’s Collection, 5 of which are flowers.

    The flowers can be found in chapter 2, chapter 3, chapter 4, chapter 5 and chapter 16. Check out our flowers location guide here for the location of all 5 flowers in said chapters.
  • Find all feathers

    In chapter 6 of Requiem, Hugo introduces us to a new collectible: a feather. Yup, Hugo clearly got fed up with flowers and now he’s a feathers guy. Go figure! That means Hugo’s Herbarium is getting a rebrand to Hugo’s Collection.
    There are 7 feathers in all.

    They can be found in chapter 6, chapter 7, chapter 8, chapter 9, chapter 10, chapter 11, chapter 13. Check out our feathers location guide here for where all 7 feathers are.
  • Open all the secret chests

    There are 10 secret chests dotted throughout Requiem’s 17 chapters. These secret chests require a knife to open and contain an incredible amount of goodies - usually each one has 10 parts, maybe some crossbow bolts, as well as a workbench to spend said parts - the one in chapter 4 is definitely worth seeking out as it has 20 parts in it!

    If you want to know the location of not just the secret chests - which are usually well hidden, except for the first one in chapter 3 (clearly a loosener to ease you in!) - as well as a knife before it in said level so you can open it, then check out our secret chests location guide here

    Just be aware that some knife locations in that guide won’t be available in New Game Plus - as it seems Asobo removed those for that playthrough.
  • Recall all souvenirs

    Throughout the game, there’ll be various objects and things to interact with in the world that will open up (for the vast majority of times) a dialogue and conversation between Amicia and another character (it depends on who is with her at the time). These are known in the game as ‘souvenirs’ and usually add a little more story and depth to the world.

    There are 21 of these in all to collect, from chapter 2 all the way through to chapter 13 (there’s usually 2 a level, no more, sometimes less). Check out our souvenirs location guide here to find out where and when you’ll bump into these along the way.
  • Fully upgrade the sling

    See Pocket laboratory (30G) for more details.
  • Fully upgrade the crossbow

    See Pocket laboratory (30G) for more details.
  • Fully upgrade the gear

    See Pocket laboratory (30G) for more details.
  • Fully upgrade the instruments

    See Pocket laboratory (30G) for more details.
  • Fully upgrade the alchemy

    In order to fully upgrade 1 of the 5 different tools (the sling, the crossbow, alchemy, your gear or your instruments) you basically need 6 ‘tools’ (which are dotted throughout Requiem’s game-world) and an absolute ton of 'parts.' 

    The best way to get parts is to loot every chest, check every nook and cranny, and break down excess items using the Recycling Tool (level 1 of the ‘instruments’ upgrades). In fact, you should max out the Instruments one first anyway, as the last unlock is something called the ‘Unbreakable Tool’ which means you no longer need tools to upgrade your stuff, only parts. And you can also break said tools down for parts using the Recycling Tool.

    In terms of where to get loads of parts and tools early on, you’re going to want to seek out the Secret Chests that are dotted through the game. Check out our secret chests guide for where to locate them. With that in mind, we have one massive bit of advice to give that will help you there: do NOT use the knives for anything other than opening secret chests. If you use it on a soldier, reload. They’re like gold dust and there’s nothing worse than getting to a secret chest without having a knife. It’s incredibly frustrating.

    A couple of notes:
    • There is a very good chance you won’t do this in one sitting and will have to use New Game + (we received our last upgrade achievement towards the end of chapter 6 in New Game Plus).
    • At the end of our first runthrough we had 3 fully done and the other 2 with a couple of points in them.
    • However, on our first playthrough we didn’t get all the chests (or even close), so stick to the guide for knives and secret chests (which always have a minimum of 10 parts in them - the one in chapter 4 had 20!) and you may get it.
    • If you don’t, you’ll have to wait until you get to the first workbench in chapter 3 (on the way until the herbalist) until you can start upgrading again (even if you have the perk that lets you upgrade without a workbench) and you won’t see any parts until then either.
    • If you don’t upgrade the crossbow early as well, you’ll have to wait until chapter 5 to unlock it in New Game +.
    • Parts can also be found in chests and dotted around during the combat and stealth sections with human enemies. It can be difficult to get all of them if you’re trying to sneak through and play the game properly - however, you can turn on Invincible Mode in the settings to run around and collect all the items in these areas without fear. This mode won’t protect your from fire or rats, but human enemies won’t be able to harm you, meaning any loot will be yours for the taking.
  • Sneaky



    Fully improve the Prudence skills

    See Malignant (15G) for more details.
  • Fully improve the Aggressive skills

    See Malignant (15G) for more details.
  • Fully improve the Opportunism skills

    When you reach the end of the first open area in the arena part in chapter 2 (the one that has an archer up high in the middle), you will unlock A Plague Tale: Requiem’s playstyle skills, which rewards you with certain upgrades based on your playstyle. The game basically rates you how you play every encounter (in the background, of course) and awards points at the end of said encounter. To get each of the three achievements, the three playstyles are:
    • Prudence - Whereby you get progress for sneaking and generally being sneaky. That can mean stealth kills, but for this, I’d generally just bypass as many people as possible.
    • Aggressive - For aggression progress, just show your face and start smashing through the enemies. One of the best tips for this one especially though, is when you get the crossbow in chapter 5, if you upgrade it to level 3 you’ll not only be able to hold more crossbow bolts (which become more and more prevalent as you continue on) but also you’ll be able to recover them from enemy corpses, meaning you can be as aggressive as you like without a care in the world.
    • Opportunism - Perhaps the trickiest of the 3, for a couple of reasons. It’s not glaringly obvious what this category pertains to. For instance, you’d think it was alchemy as the 4 perks are alchemy-based. But what aspect is it? Is it the making of alchemy items? Or is it the use of said items? The name would suggest it’s using alchemy items in the field to create opportunities or use opportunities in the environment combined with your alchemy. The achievement picture suggests the latter too. On my first playthrough, this skill was about 55% (there or thereabouts), and in the New Game Plus runthrough, I got the ticker up to about 90-95% by chapter 10 and then it just kind of stopped from there until the end of the game - which is crazy as I spent from chapter 6 to the end focusing solely on using alchemy items to kill. So, in your playthroughs, it’s best to focus on using alchemy and distractions (using the environment) from the off, if I were you. Stealth and aggression are easy ones to get in two runs of the game, opportunism (or alchemy, distractions, whatever it is) is not. If you’re looking for some assistance and to make a lot of encounters easier, don’t forget to upgrade the ‘alchemy’ upgrade tree. The second upgrade, Strong Fire, lets you use pots of Ignifer to melt groups of enemies, and the third upgrade, Unstable Reaction, allows you to throw Odoris on fires and cause explosions. These two are genuinely fun as heck as well! Good luck with this one!
    Obviously, this isn’t possible in one playthrough. As I said above, I’d focus more on the opportunism aspect from the beginning of your first playthrough, which honestly, is what the game is about. Anyone can unlock the crossbow and make that fairly OP, but the alchemy combinations are where the fun is at. If you manage to get it in your first playthrough, in your second playthrough play the game completely differently to how you did in the first, whether being stealthy if you were aggressive, or aggressive if you were stealthy, and so on. Or if you were focused purely on alchemy, switch your focus elsewhere. Personally, I’d focus on the opportunism one for all the points above, and then once you have that achievement, focus on whichever one you want to unlock next. 

Secret achievements

  • Complete chapter 1

    Story-related, cannot miss. After the fire chase, the title of the game will appear on screen, along with unlocking this achievement.
  • Complete chapter 2

    Story-related, cannot miss. After you find Magister Vaudin and take him to Hugo, the achievement will unlock.
  • Complete chapter 3

    Story-related, cannot miss. After leaving the depot and returning home to Hugo, this achievement will unlock.
  • Complete chapter 4

    Story-related, cannot miss. As soon as you get on the boat and leave the city, this achievement will unlock.
  • Complete chapter 5

    Story-related, cannot miss. After you get off the boat with Hugo, for good, this achievement will unlock.
  • Complete chapter 6

    Story-related, cannot miss. After the boss fight and the short rat sequence, the chapter will end and this achievement will unlock.
  • Felons



    Complete chapter 7

    Story-related, cannot miss. After you free the ship and set sail, the chapter will come to a close and this achievement will be yours.
  • Complete chapter 8

    Story-related, cannot miss. Once you reach your room, your bed for the night, the chapter will end and the achievement will unlock.
  • Complete chapter 9

    Story-related, cannot miss. After leaving Sanctuary, this achievement unlocks.
  • Complete chapter 10

    Story-related, cannot miss. After you survive the ambush at the chapel, a couple of cutscenes later and this achievement is yours.
  • Complete chapter 11

    Story-related, cannot miss. After escaping the underground temple, after the big rat chase, this chapter will come to a finish and the achievement will unlock.
  • Complete chapter 12

    Story-related, cannot miss. After the scene in front of the stage, chapter 12 is over and the achievement is all yours.
  • Complete chapter 13

    Story-related, cannot miss. When you’ve managed to get to the boat and escape on it with your crew, you’ll get this achievement.
  • Complete chapter 14

    Story-related, cannot miss. Short chapter this, just complete the voyage out at sea and you’ll unlock this one.
  • Complete chapter 15

    Story-related, cannot miss. Another relatively short chapter. Make it to Marseille and the achievement is yours.
  • Complete chapter 16

    Story-related, cannot miss. All you need to do is complete the, again, relatively short mission here and that’s chapter 16 done and dusted. The last proper chapter of the game.
  • Complete all chapters

    Before you get this achievement, you’ll need to complete a short epilogue first - AKA chapter 17. Once you’ve done that, congratulations, you’ve completed the game!
  • Extinguish 40 fires

    Early on in chapter 3, while on the way to see the herbalist, Lucas will teach you ‘Exstinguis’ which will allow you to extinguish fire, whether it’s an enemy’s torch or a brazier near an enemy. Extinguish 40 fires and this achievement is yours.

    It’s relatively easy, in truth, and we unlocked it about halfway through our runthrough. When it’s night, and there’s rats around, just use this skill to set the rats on your enemies. 1. It’s incredibly effective against all enemy types; 2. It’s so much fun!
  • Craft 100 ammunitions

    You’ll likely get this one without even attempting it - we unlocked this achievement at the beginning of chapter 6, about a third of the way through the game. To get it you just need to make ammunition for your sling, whether that’s Ignifer, Exstinguis, Tar or Odoris.
  • Shoot all the pine cones

    Right at the beginning of the game, in Chapter 1, Amica and Hugo will find themselves by a river, near the base of the castle, where a small mini-game of sorts will commence. It’ll be the first time that Amica gets to use her sling, and she’ll have to shoot pine cones that Hugo throws into the water.

    There are 22 pine cones in all, 7 in the first phase, before Tonin turns up and Amica says “Oh, hello”, and 15 in the second phase. Shoot all 22 and you’ll unlock this achievement. You basically have to shoot all of them before the next cutscene starts, where Tonin leaves. It won’t unlock until after the cutscene though, so keep count just to make sure. If there’s a pine cone left in the river when the cutscene starts, you’ve failed. You can’t “restart section” in the cutscene, but if you pause and do that quick enough, it should start you at the beginning of the river mini-game and you can start again.
  • Successfully complete all throws in the Crowns game

    The ‘Perfect Throw’ achievement can be unlocked in chapter 8. After you’ve spoken to the woman in the far left corner of the market area, speaking to a crowd of people, the next section of the coastal village will open up, leading you further into the village.

    After going through the passageway that’s just opened up, where Arnaud and Amica talk about the guards on the island, on the left at the midway point is another small market. There, in the far corner, you’ll find the Crowns game. Get all 4 jars in the middle of the wreaths and you’ll unlock this achievement. Very easy, so fear not. It’s also a souvenir as well.
  • Interact with all the old protector’s items in the sanctuary

    At the end of chapter 9, you’ll find yourself in a large temple of sorts called Sanctuary. All you need to do to unlock this achievement during this section is to interact with all the old protector’s items, but first, one note that is important that you pay attention to: in the third room (the laboratory) DO NOT SPEAK TO HUGO AT THE BED UNTIL YOU’VE INTERACTED WITH THE OTHER 5 OBJECTS IN SAID ROOM.

    If you do, all the interact icons will disappear and thus you will miss your chance to unlock this achievement. If that happens either ‘restart section’ or just grab it by chapter select when you’ve finished and load the penultimate sub-chapter within the Tales and Revelations chapter.

    This is what you need to interact with in the chapter and the confirmed order that will work.

    Room 1 will be Bassilus’ bedroom. We’re not sure if these count, as they’re technically not the “old protector’s items” but interact with them anyway, to be sure. They probably do count, regardless of the achievement wording.
    • Rocking Horse
    • Bed
    • Engraved Statues
    Room 2 is the protector’s room. Interact with the four items below.
    • Toy Box
    • Armor
    • Weapon Rack
    • Wax Tablets
    Once you’ve done that, head through the door and into the courtyard, and listen to a short conversation.

    Then finally, into room 3, the laboratory. In here there are five items you need to interact with before you speak to Hugo. This is the area we mentioned in our preamble. The interactive spots and the order are as follows:
    • Cooking contraption, an athanor, straight ahead of the door
    • The small table to the right of the athanor
    • The weird contraption further down that wall, in other other corner (same wall) as the athanor
    • Another weird contraption in the other corner behind you
    • And another cooker the other side of the door (to your right from the last point)
    • Then interact with Hugo and the bed (DO THIS LAST)
    Then, when you’ve done that, interact with the curtains and head upstairs. While upstairs interact with:
    • The scrolls in the far corner on a rack
    • And finally, the viewing grate in the floor that looks down over the lab
    And once you’ve done all that, the achievement will unlock! A nice, fairly easy 100gs.png!
  • Mercy



    Don't kill the guard on the docks

    In chapter 4 you’ll have to co-operate with one of the guards (to get across the docks to the boat). At the end of this sequence he will be agro’d. Obviously you can kill the guard and move on, but if you want the achievement, you’ll have to blind the guard by throwing tar onto the tar fire. While he’s blinded, throw an Ignifer pot straight ahead (careful not to catch the guard with it) then cross the area where the rats were. Go up the stairs to your left and through the door at the top. Once you’ve done that this achievement is yours.

    If you're after a more detailed walkthrough, check out our docks guide here.

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