Bustling Metropolis Achievement

  • Bustling Metropolis



    City population exceeds 100,000.

    This can be done on any map. Start by building a resource center and reach around $5 billion. Build a second resource center, but instead of convenience stores build Flat 5 (under Construction, Housing) until you have 80-100k population. You can view your current population under the Report menu. It is the fourth line from the top on the City Info report, and is labeled as "Pop. Change/Year." The label really refers to the graph below as the number on this line is your current population. Note that on property tax day (May 1 in all but the first year of a scenario) the taxes on the number of flats required can be $3-4 billion, so be prepared and don't over spend.

    If you are following the road map, you will get this while working on Subway Mall Expansion.


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