- Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10 [Achievement Difficulty Rating]
- Offline: 27 [1000]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 7-12 hours [Estimated Time to 100%]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 [plan on 2, though]
- Missable achievements: "Ninja Cat"
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No difficulty
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed: None

Welcome to A Walk in the Dark, a 2D platformer that puts you in control of Bast, a cat that has wandered away from its owner and inadvertently awakened an evil spirit in the forest. The evil spirit has taken away Arielle, your owner, and you're on a quest to find her. Along the way you'll play as Bast through four different worlds, and will play as Arielle through a fifth world as well. Level designs are such that you should expect to die quite a few times by the time you finish the game, but there isn't anything overly difficult. As far as achievements go, you'll have to collect the single collectible in every stage, complete every stage in under the par time, and complete all cave levels without dying. That will net you almost all of the achievements. You'll then have to do a full playthrough of the game in one sitting, and also complete the ten challenge levels. Let's get started on how best to approach this.

Step 1: Beat the game and 100% completion

The first thing you should do is play through all 100 levels of the game. The worlds alternate back and forth, so you'll play some forest levels, some cave levels, some levels as Arielle, then back to forest levels, etc. So don't be alarmed when you switch from forest levels to cave levels and you don't get the achievement for completing all forest levels.

Along the way, there are three things you should do to make this playthrough as efficient as possible:

1) Collect all shinies. Every level (including cave levels) has a shiny in it to collect, and you must not only collect it but also successfully finish the level after collecting it. If you die, you have to collect it again. Your first playthrough of each level should focus on taking your time to collect the shiny and finish the level.

2) Complete every level under the par time. All levels have a par time associated with them aside from cave levels (those are below). After beating a level the first time and collecting the shiny, if you didn't beat the par time, replay the level until you do.

3) Complete each cave level without dying. Each cave level has to be completed "first try" to get the First Run medal. The shiny can also be collected in the same run, so cave levels only need to be done once. Refer to the "Death Cheater" achievement solution for more information on how this works.

If you follow these three steps, upon finishing all 100 levels you'll unlock 22 achievements for 835.

Step 2 - "Ninja Cat" Run

At this point I recommend doing your "Ninja Cat" run of the game because the levels will still be fresh in your mind, making it easier to quickly complete each level. Don't worry, this achievement isn't nearly as difficult as it was intended, since there is an exploit to take advantage of to make it much more manageable. Refer to the "Ninja Cat" achievement solution for more information.

Step 3 - Challenge Levels

Challenge levels can be completed at any time after collecting all 100 shinies. They are ten stand-alone levels that are much tougher than the story levels. There is nothing to collect, no time limit, and no restrictions. You just have to beat them. Most levels will probably take a bunch of tries, but keep at it and you'll get through them all.

Step 4 - Mop Up Miscellaneous Achievements

There are 4 miscellaneous achievements plus the three related to deaths. You'll definitely unlock the first two achievements for dying 7 times and 100 times during the other steps. You may reach 1000 deaths too depending on your skill level. There's also a very good chance you'll unlock the other miscellaneous achievements naturally too. Now is the time though to go back and get whichever ones you're still missing.

A Walk in the Dark is a fun little platformer game. With a virtually nonexistent story, it's really just the level design that will keep you wanting to play, with the increase in difficulty that each level provides. It's not an easy game, but it's certainly not impossible. Some levels can definitely be difficult, but with a little practice and some muscle memory, the completion is definitely manageable. If you managed to perfect each level and also complete the "Ninja Cat" requirements, then congrats on another completion!

[XBA would like to thank Necrophage33 for this Roadmap]

A Walk in the Dark Achievement Guide

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There are 27 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Lead Bast to death 7 times

    Refer to the "You monster!" achievement solution for more information.

  • Lead Bast to death 100 times

    Refer to the "You monster!" achievement solution for more information.

  • Lead Bast to death 1000 times

    Note that, as the achievement says, you need to die as Bast. Deaths while playing as Arielle in the Strange World levels don't count toward your total deaths.

    There is a very good chance that you'll reach 1000 deaths by the time you finish all other achievements in the game. Some of the later story levels will have you dying often because of the precise movements required, and you'll rack up a lot of deaths in the challenge levels too.

    If you managed to finish all other achievements and haven't reached 1000 deaths, then the best way to farm deaths is to load up any level with spikes or a spike pit right in front of you (such as level 100, or many other levels and challenge levels) and rubber band your left thumbstick to the right. You'll continually hit the spikes and rack up deaths pretty quickly.

    Once you reach 1000 deaths, the achievement will unlock immediately.

  • Catch your first Shiny

    Refer to the "Got them all!" achievement solution for more information.

  • Catch 25 Shinies

    Refer to the "Got them all!" achievement solution for more information.

  • Catch 50 Shinies

    Refer to the "Got them all!" achievement solution for more information.

  • Catch 75 Shinies

    Refer to the "Got them all!" achievement solution for more information.

  • Catch all 100 Shinies

    Shinies are the collectible of the game. They are small glowing objects. There is one in each of the 100 levels in the game. Unfortunately it isn't just a matter of collecting them. You also have to finish the stage after collecting them for them to count. If you die after collecting one, you'll have to collect it again in your next attempt.

    Most shinies are in a slightly out of the way place, or in a precarious area. None are difficult to get to, you just may need to go a little out of your way or put yourself at risk to grab it. They are all very straightforward to collect. None is hidden that you actively need to search it out. That being said, the background on some levels, such as some cave levels and some Strange World levels, can make it tough to spot the shiny at first because it can blend in with the background if you're not actively looking for it. It's quite possible you'll finish a couple levels and not notice the shiny. Just replay the level, taking your time to check each platform and corner for the shiny.

    It's worth noting that there is no time limit for collecting the shinies. So definitely don't feel the need to rush through a level. Take your time, collect the shiny, and make it safely to the end. Save the speed run of each level for after you've collected each shiny.

    After obtaining a shiny and completing the level, you'll get the medal awarded to you in the upper left corner after level completion. At that point the shiny is no longer available to collect in the level. To monitor your progress, from the Map screen, as you scroll over each level it will show you the medals you've earned in that level. If you collected the shiny, that blue medal will be lit up.

    Upon collecting the shiny in every level and completing them all, the achievement will unlock.

  • Complete a level under the par time

    Refer to the "Bolt Kitty" achievement solution for more information.

  • Complete 25 levels under the par time

    Refer to the "Bolt Kitty" achievement solution for more information.

  • Complete 50 levels under the par time

    Refer to the "Bolt Kitty" achievement solution for more information.

  • Complete all timed levels under the par time

    All levels aside from cave levels have a par time that you have to complete the level under. Unfortunately there's no way to see the par time aside from when you finish the level, to see the time in advance or know if you're on pace or not. On the plus side, the par times are relatively lenient. There aren't any levels where you'll need to be picture perfect and complete the level with perfect jumps and without stopping. That being said, you still need to be fast and can't wait around.

    In general, you'll find that most, if not all, levels are actually set up that if you move through them at full speed, the obstacles sync up for you to move right through the level without having to really stop at all. Bullets, saws, jumping frogs, etc., are usually all synced up to allow you a clear path if you move through the level without stopping. Keep that in mind as you try levels. If you're out of sync with an obstacle and have to wait, go faster.

    Unfortunately the timer starts ticking as soon as the level starts, not as soon as you start moving. So make sure you're holding right so as soon as you spawn, you start running immediately. Also, don't try to get the shiny in this run, as the shiny is usually out of the way just enough to add enough seconds to your time to cause you to miss the par time.

    The most important thing to being able to finish all levels in the par time is to be able to manage your jumps. You can jump at varying heights and have a varying amount of hang time depending on how long you hold when you jump. Jumping at the appropriate height for every obstacle while in a full sprint is key to making it through the levels in the par time. This may seem like a negative, but it's actually a good thing and makes the levels easier to speed run. It ends up coming down to muscle memory. In general you're going to be sprinting right throughout most or all of the level, and then just having to worry about jumping at the right height for each obstacle you come to. This makes it much easier to do levels consistently, as long as you make sure you're always jumping at the same height each time.

    Combining the continually sprinting to the right from above along with obstacles syncing up if you move through the level quickly makes all of the levels very manageable. They all have a pattern, and once you play the level and see the pattern, there aren't any levels too difficult to get through.

    To check your status, from the map screen you can hover over each level, and if the red medal on the right is lit up, then you completed it in under the par time. I highly recommend completing each level under the par time on your first playthrough (meaning don't move on to the next level until you speed run the level you're on). Since muscle memory and patterns are key, if you move on and come back later, you're going to have to relearn the level to some extent. Take advantage of the knowledge you have of the level while playing it.

    Upon completing all non-cave levels under the par time, the achievement will unlock.

  • Complete a Cave level without dying

    Refer to the "Death Cheater" achievement solution for more information.

  • Complete all Cave flipper levels without dying

    This achievement unlocks upon obtaining the "First Run" medal on all of the Cave levels. To check your progress, from the map screen you can scroll over all of the cave levels to check if the green First Run medal is lit up next to the level.

    The achievement description is confusing compared to the actual requirements. There is no way to finish the level while dying, but the "First Run" medal makes it seem as though you need to beat each Cave level on your first try or you miss the medal. Thankfully this isn't the case.

    If you are attempting a Cave level and you die and respawn at the start of the level, you will not be able to unlock the First Run medal unless you quit out to the main menu, then choose Level Select and pick the level you were working on. Quitting out to the map screen isn't enough. The game will still "remember" you didn't do it first try. Because of this, I highly recommend using the following approach (and exploit).

    Pausing the game and selecting Restart to restart a level does not count as a death. So if you die, quickly pause the game during the death animation and choose to Restart. This gives you unlimited tries at beating the Cave levels without dying and eliminates the hassle of continually quitting out to the main menu after every attempt.

    With this approach in use, it really just becomes a matter of beating each Cave level to unlock this achievement. If you aren't quick enough to pause and restart, just quit out to the main menu then jump right back in.

    Once you've got the green First Run medal on all Cave levels, the achievement will unlock.

  • Catch all shinies, complete all timed levels under the par time and all Cave levels without dying

    As the description states, you'll need to collect all 100 shinies, complete every non-Cave level in under the par time, and complete each Cave level without dying (i.e. earn the First Run medal). For each aspect, refer to the following achievement solutions:

    • Catch all shinies - "Got them all!"
    • All timed levels under par time - "Bolt Kitty"
    • All Cave levels without dying - "Death Cheater"
  • Complete all levels

    This achievement unlocks upon completing all 100 story levels (challenge levels aren't included). Levels actually don't unlock one after another, but I recommend going in order as the difficulty ramps up as levels progress.

    Here is the layout of the levels:

    Levels 1-5: Forest
    Levels 6-9: Strange World
    Levels 10-15: Forest
    Levels 16-19: Cave
    Levels 20-25: Forest
    Levels 26-28: Strange World
    Levels 29-31: Forest
    Levels 32-35: Cave
    Levels 36-40: House
    Levels 41-45: Strange World
    Levels 46-50: House
    Levels 51-54: Cave
    Levels 55-59: House
    Levels 60-63: Strange World
    Levels 64-68: House
    Levels 69-72: Cave
    Level 73: House
    Levels 74-79: Spirit World
    Levels 80-83: Cave
    Levels 84-89: Spirit World
    Levels 90-93: Cave
    Levels 94-100: Spirit World

    There are four types of levels involved in this achievement. I discuss each one below.

    Forest levels

    These are the earliest Bast levels in the game and are the simplest. They introduce you to the basic types of platforming, wall jumping, and enemy types. There isn't anything complicated in these levels. This is the best time to get used to managing your jump height to get over and through various obstacles.

    Cave levels

    These are auto-runner levels that are interspersed throughout all other worlds in the game in sets of four levels at a time. You play as Bast but you're auto-running to the right. In these levels, jumping makes you change gravity from the ground to the ceiling and vice versa. These levels are all about timing your jumps just right to avoid obstacles. These levels really will just take some practice to get the pattern down and develop some muscle memory for each level. Two other things that are important but you aren't told explicitly: the glowing pads automatically make you jump, and they're always in a position to do it safely. So when you see them, run into them without jumping. If you press jump, you'll likely end up jumping right back and dying. The second thing is that you can (and need to) duck under bullets and swinging enemies. In later Cave levels you'll encounter both, and you'll instinctively want to jump to avoid bullets coming at you, but know that the proper way to progress through the level is to duck under them. Same is true for the swinging enemies.

    Strange World levels

    These levels have you playing as Arielle, Bast's owner. These levels use a similar concept to the Cave levels, where jumping changes gravity so you go from floor to ceiling and vice versa. These aren't auto-runners though, so you can take your time a little more. Movement here will take some getting used to, since you can change speed and even direction in mid "jump." This makes it easier to accidentally miss platforms if you're not used to the speed at which you can move in mid air. In general though, these levels are some the easiest of the bunch and shouldn't pose any problems.

    House levels

    These are the second round of Bast levels after finishing the Forest levels. These introduce you to some new obstacles, such as bullets that shoot in set directions, enemies that swing on ropes from the ceiling, and glowing spots that invert gravity when you touch them. There's nothing too complicated here, other than getting used to platforming while upside down. All of the same physics rules apply to your jumps, it's just harder to get a feel for how far or high you need to jump while you're upside down.

    Spirit World levels

    These are the final tier of Bast levels, and they ramp up the difficulty by combining different types of obstacles, providing areas where you have to have very precise jumps to get between obstacles, and then also introducing a couple tweaks to existing obstacles. Some levels will have cannons that track your movements and will constantly try to shoot you. They aren't hard to avoid as long as you stay moving, just make sure to not accidentally jump into the bullets. There are also levels with glowing platforms that change gravity upon touching them. You should be familiar with this concept by now so it should be pretty easy to get a feel for. The last Spirit World level is pretty much a gauntlet through a bunch of different types of obstacles. Like all levels though, once you get the pattern down, it's very manageable.

    Upon completing all 100 story levels, the achievement will unlock.

  • Complete all levels in a unique speed run without dying more than 10 times

    The achievement description here is very misleading. There need not be anything unique about this run (it doesn't have to be a new game or separate save file or anything), and there is no time limit, so you aren't really speed running the game to beat any specific time. What you actually need to do is complete the entire game (all 100 levels) starting from level 1 in one sitting without dying more than 10 times. Dying 10 times is fine, but the 11th death voids the achievement.

    This may sound very intimidating at first, and extremely difficult after dying close to 1000 times while obtaining a 100% completion, but thankfully there is an exploit that can be taken advantage of to make this way easier. The basis for this exploit is that pausing the game and selecting to Restart doesn't count as a death. This means that when you die, if you pause the game during the death animation before you respawn and select to Restart, it won't count as a death. This literally let's you cheat death throughout your playthrough. Just make sure you're fast enough to catch it each time, and remember you are allowed 10 deaths in case you miss it.

    One other important thing to note is that backing out to the map screen voids the achievement as well. You must start from level 1 and select Next Level after beating each one. So just make sure that if you're jumping between restarting a level when you die and moving on to the next level when you beat it, that you don't accidentally pick the Map option, otherwise you'll have to start all over.

    How long this achievement takes will really depend on skill and how familiar you are with each level, and how fast you decide to go. A safe bet is to plan for around an hour to finish the game. It could be faster if you don't die much, or it could take longer if you're not good at the cave levels and have to restart a lot. But using the exploit about, this achievement should be obtainable for anyone as long as you have enough time.

    Once you beat level 100 and the credits start to roll, the achievement will unlock.

  • Complete all Cave levels

    Refer to the "Hero Cat" achievement solution for more information.

    The final Cave level is level 93. The achievement will unlock upon completing it.

  • Complete all Forest levels

    Refer to the "Hero Cat" achievement solution for more information.

    The final Forest level is level 31. The achievement will unlock upon completing it.

  • Complete all House levels

    Refer to the "Hero Cat" achievement solution for more information.

    The final House level is level 73. The achievement will unlock upon completing it.

  • Complete all Spirit World levels

    Refer to the "Hero Cat" achievement solution for more information.

    The final Spirit World level is level 100. The achievement will unlock upon completing it.

  • Complete all Strange World levels

    Refer to the "Hero Cat" achievement solution for more information.

    The final Strange World level is level 63. The achievement will unlock upon completing it.

  • Kill Arielle on her first level while she's descending

    This achievement must be done on the first Strange World level, level 6, where you first play as Arielle. The level begins with you descending between two walls of spikes, and you just have to stay still to get to the bottom. To unlock this achievement, move into one of the spike walls to kill yourself while falling. The achievement will unlock immediately.

  • Smoked



    Clean all smoke blocks in a level

    If you're wondering what smoke blocks are, they are the blocks that vaporize after you touch them. You'll encounter these in some of the later Forest levels and then some House levels. To unlock this achievement, you need to touch every smoke block in a single level to make them all disappear. You don't need to actually finish the level after doing this. The achievement unlocks mid-level as soon as the last smoke block disappears.

    There are multiple levels with smoke blocks, but most are spread out or in precarious areas where you could easily die. The best level to unlock this achievement in is level 60. Right in the beginning you'll climb up a wall and there will be a long row of smoke blocks over some spikes and a porcupine below. Simply start on the leftmost smoke block and run all the way across to the rightmost smoke block. This will make them all disappear and will unlock the achievement immediately.

  • Destroy 30 dandelions

    Dandelions are present in only Forest levels, and mainly in the earlier ones. You'll likely confuse some of these with Shinies at first. To destroy them, you just need to pass through them. This achievement is cumulative and there's a good possibility you'll unlock this achievement naturally, depending on how many times you die and have to retry Forest levels. If not, you can simply replay the first level over and over until the achievement unlocks.

  • Disturb 10 butterflies

    Butterflies are only present in Forest levels, and mainly the earlier ones. To disturb them, you just need to pass very close to them. This achievement is cumulative, and you'll likely unlock it naturally, depending on how many times you die and need to retry Forest levels. If you don't, simply load up the first level and replay it over and over until the achievement unlocks.

  • Complete all challenge levels

    Challenge levels are accessed via the main menu and there are a total of ten of them that you need to complete for this achievement. A challenge level is unlocked for every 10 shinies you collect in the story mode, so you'll need to collect all 100 shinies to be able to access all ten challenge levels for this achievement.

    Challenge levels are the most difficult levels in the game, but thankfully there are no restrictions or requirements, such as shinies, par time, etc. You only need to get to the end of each level. Easier said than done though. Some are pretty difficult. Expect to die a lot. That being said, they are still all manageable with some practice, and like story levels, with muscle memory developing. Just remember to take your time. There is no need to rush.

    Here is some more information about each level:

    Level 1 - this level is pretty straightforward in terms of how to complete it. You'll just have to have good control over your jump height to make it through all the obstacles, but there's nothing overly complicated here.

    Level 2 - this one is straightforward as well. You have to ride the platform down to the bottom, fall off the edge of it and change gravity so you're on the bottom of it, then ride it back to the top and drop off the edge to the endpoint. I found it easiest to stay on the far right side of the platform initially, jump left over the first single saw and pull back to the right. Then jump from right to left over the big saw. Stand in the center of the platform and jump to avoid the double saws. Repeat on the way back up.

    Level 3 - the smoke blocks in this level set up your path for you. The one important aspect though is that when you get to the first platform with the two saws, it will seem like the wall off to the left is unnecessary and you can just skip it and go straight up the nearby walls. This messes up your timing when you get to the four saws on the next platform and you won't be able to jump over them. So when you get to the two-saw platform, jump to the left wall, touching the ground as little as possible, wall jump off the left wall back to the right and then proceed up. This will sync the saws so all four are coming left while you're going right, allowing you to jump over all of them in one jump.

    Level 4 - this level is a pain because of how easy it is for a homing bullet to catch you off guard. Head right and jump over the lower bullet and wall jump onto the smoke blocks to clear them, then fall down and through. There is a safe spot right next to the launcher shooting up, where the bullets coming down can't hit you and the launchers in the previous room can't hit you. You can get your bearings here. As soon as the launcher fires up, wall jump up to the smoke blocks and hit the wall twice to make most of them disappear, then quickly jump left to avoid the bullet coming up, slide down the left wall and then jump through the opening. The important part here is when you jump through the opening, wall jump up the back of the wall so the homing bullets can't hit you; don't go down to the floor. Jump up over the wall and over both launchers to the smoke blocks, wall jump up higher to avoid the bullets, then fall back down into the space. This is another safe zone. Get rid of the smoke blocks and now just one obstacle left - the fast-firing bullets in the next room. I found it best to jump over 2 bullets with each jump, then hop over the launcher and wall jump up to the portal.

    Level 5 - the first part of this level is straightforward. Then you'll come to a vertical wall with big saws at the top and bottom. I'm not sure how the game intended you to get past these saws, but I found it easiest to wall jump off the first wall to the left to the higher wall, wall jump off this higher wall to the right and land on top of the first wall you jumped off of. It's a very small amount of space you have to land on, and you'll probably miss it the first few tries, but once you get it, it's easy to land on it consistently. From there you can simply jump over the saws. For this next section, jump over the clockwise saws and go under the counter-clockwise saws. This last part with the very fast saw is going to look intimidating. Timing is crucial here because of how fast it moves. What you have to do is jump to the first tiny platform, then to the second tiny platform, then jump to the wall on the right to perform a wall jump. At this point the saw should pass you. Wall jump left onto the top platform and then you'll have to quickly jump again to avoid the saw. Jump right and finish the level. That first jump onto the first tiny platform is what you have to make sure to do very early. Jump when the saw is down at the bottom so you're landing on the tiny platform immediately after the saw passes it, otherwise you won't have enough time to get out of the way.

    Level 6 - this one is an auto-scroller so there isn't a whole lot to say. You'll have to just get used to when to jump. The hardest part is the saw blades near the end. After clinging to the wall and wall jumping back to the left platform, do a small jump to avoid the highest blade, jumping left to right, then do a high jump right to left to jump over both blades. Once you're under them, jump across to the right platform and finish the level.

    Level 7 - there are two main problematic areas of this level. The first part is easy, you just have to get all three porcupines in the beginning to chase you to the left side of the second room, then wall jump over the wall to the right and fall and let them chase you as you run right, hopping over the fourth one onto the wall jump and back to the left to the safe spot. Now the first problematic part: this jump is impossible if you try to do it from the last small platform over all the spikes. There is no way to make it from being stationary. The way to do it is from the safe spot, jump up the wall on the left, wall jump right to the first platform, and from here you need to be holding right the rest of the way. So after wall jumping to the first platform, do a max height jump to the second platform, and then RUN OFF the second platform to the lower small platform. Now you just need to jump at the very edge of this small platform to make it over the spikes. It'll take a few tries to get used to but then it's easy to do it consistently. As soon as you get over the spikes, jump over the first porcupine and then the second. Now you have to do some precise wall jumping. When you get to the top left, let yourself slide down the wall enough so you have head space to jump over the spike at the top of the wall. This is the second problematic area: knowing what to do when you jump over that spike, because there are three porcupines waiting for you in the next area. When you jump over the spike, hold right the entire time and you should be able to jump over the first two porcupines. Quickly jump right over the third, then turn around and jump left over all three in one jump, jump on the wall and wall jump back into the portal.

    Level 8 - if you haven't mastered wall jumping yet, you will by the time you're done with this level, as it's non-stop wall jumping through obstacles. There isn't a whole lot to explain since it's basically all going to come down to skill and being able to manage the jumps. In the first section, I found it easiest to jump between the spikes by being on the bottom pillar and being right under the bottom spike, then jumping up and around and through, instead of jumping through the gap from the opposite wall. You'll reach a platform where you can take a breather, and then even tougher wall jumping. Once you go down, through, and then up to the top of the first section, jump right over the saw and then I found it easiest to align yourself to fall straight down the middle and then quickly cling to the left wall before the spikes. Jump through the gap and back up to the top, and then again do the same thing when you jump right - let yourself fall down the center, then cling to the left wall and slide down to the bottom. The last section of wall jumping back and forth between the spikes is the most precise part. You have to be right under them before jumping to make sure you'll go high enough to get over the spikes on the opposite wall.

    Level 9 - this level is thankfully much more straightforward and simpler than the previous and next level. Start by immediately wall jumping off the wall in front of you back to the wall above you, and then through the gap back onto the platform. As soon as you're clear of the wall, jump into the opening and do small jumps between the spikes to dodge them. Wall jump a single time up to the top and land over the first spike. Jump up to the top and drop back onto your platform, making sure to duck under the next wall. Once you get to the saw blades, the important part here is knowing when to jump to the next platform. It's going to feel intuitive to jump when your platform is moving right but you have to do the opposite. The saw blade should be going up to its low point when you're moving left. This is the time to jump right over the blade at max height, which will give enough time for the next platform to come back to the left for you to land on. Repeat for the next one and then finish up the level.

    Level 10 - the first section is the most difficult section. It's got the most precise wall jumps in the game. Some may seem impossible to reach high enough, but the trick here is that when you jump into a wall and cling to it, you sort of slide up it slightly. Make sure you let yourself slide up the wall before jumping to the next wall to get yourself maximum height. Getting past the big spike requires you to slide up the opposite wall slightly, just enough to get past it to jump above it. Once you're above the big spike, you'll need to jump twice on this wall to get higher to make it left. Once at the top on the left, let yourself slide down the wall as far as possible to give yourself enough head space to jump right over the spike without hitting the ceiling. Up at the top, you've got to make some very short jumps between spikes. You'll need to have some right-ward momentum but not running or you'll hit the next spikes. There are also two glowing pads here that change your gravity. It is very important to run into these while running right or they'll toss you right onto a spike. Once you make it to the right side, you now have to go down. It is possible to jump and just fall straight down the center, but it's very risky since there are spikes on the floor waiting for you. Better to be patient and take your time, slowly sliding down each wall and then lightly jumping to the next one to work your way down. Once you get to the bottom and into the portal, congratulations on finishing these very difficult levels!

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