No Cheating Achievement in A Way Out

  • No Cheating



    You exposed some infidelity.

  • How to unlock No Cheating

    This unlocks during the chapter ‘Preparation: Reunion’.

    When you arrive at the trailer park after the boat sequence, walk straight ahead and ignore the objectives. You will happen upon a trailer with Christmas lights on it and a woman sitting in a chair holding a baseball bat. Speak to her and she will tell you that she thinks her husband is cheating on her. After the conversation, continue along the path that lead you to this trailer and you will hear someone having fun in another trailer. Using the same character, knock on the door and a man will confront you. He’ll tell you to go away, so you deduce that this is the woman’s husband. Deciding to tell her, return to the woman. Upon telling her what you saw, she storms over to the other trailer, enters it and you hear commotion inside. Soon after, the achievement unlocks.

    Note: If you’ve moved the dumpster and continued to Leo’s trailer before unlocking this, you’ve missed your opportunity and need to restart the chapter. You can also unlock both “You Started It” and “Home Run” in this same scene.

    This achievement starts at [02:04:30] in Maka’s video walkthrough.

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  • At the trailer park, expose the husband of Martha for cheating on her, hes with a women in the trailer right next to Marthas and doing some naughty stuff
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  • This video guide contains all achievements / trophies in A Way Out in chronological order. Nothing is missable, you can redo anything via chapter select and unless written otherwise, both players earn the achievement / trophy at the same time (They can only be earned with a full copy of the game, not the free friend pass). This game can only be played with 2 players, there is no Singleplayer mode. #7 No Cheating - 7:03 Chapter: Preperation - Reunion Talk to the woman with the baseball bat in the starting area of the chapter. Then go to the trailer to her right side to find her husband. Then talk to her again to get the trophy.

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