Backseat Mechanic Achievement in A Way Out

  • Backseat Mechanic



    You helped fix the bike.

  • How to unlock Backseat Mechanic

    This unlocks during the chapter ‘Preparation: Bonds’.

    When you’ve found Leo’s family’s trailer and have spoken with Linda, Leo’s son will run into the trailer. Linda suggests that he go inside and talk to him. Now, this achievement will only unlock if you give Vincent enough time to help Linda fix the motorcycle, so after you enter the trailer, you can talk to Alex, but don’t follow him to the treehouse until this achievement unlocks.

    Have Vincent speak to Linda and ask her if she needs any help. When she agrees, Vincent needs to retrieve a wrench from the tool shed and bring it back. Linda will then ask you to start the motorcycle. When the motorcycle starts, rev it up a little and the achievement will unlock.

    This achievement starts at [02:11:00] in Maka’s video walkthrough.

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  • At the trailer park after Leo finds his family, have Vincent help Leo's wife with maintaining the motorcycle. After he revs the engine the achievement should pop.
  • This video guide contains all achievements / trophies in A Way Out in chronological order. Nothing is missable, you can redo anything via chapter select and unless written otherwise, both players earn the achievement / trophy at the same time (They can only be earned with a full copy of the game, not the free friend pass). This game can only be played with 2 players, there is no Singleplayer mode. #10 Backseat Mechanic - 9:58 Chapter: Preperation - Reunion Vincent must bring a Wrench to the woman repairing a bike. Then help her start the bike. Leo should stay inside the trailer until the trophy pops and not progress any further (unlocks for both players).

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