Technicolor Sheep Coat Achievement

  • Technicolor Sheep Coat



    Paint all the sheep

    In the forest kingdom there will be plenty of sheep roaming around the map. These sheep can all be sheered in order to gain wool for building materials. For this achievement however, you will need to paint them all when they have their wool (wool will grow back if you sheer them).

    In order to paint them, you need to first build the "Paint Shop". Once that is built, you will have the option to drop paint on the sheep to color them. Focus on painting all of the mainland sheep first as sometimes the color will disappear, but if you color them all right away it won't matter as the game will remember you colored them. There are two sheep that are out of reach on an island in the bottom right map corner that also need to be painted, however you will first need to build bridges to reach them. Once you build bridges, painting these last two sheep will net you the achievement.


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