Story Time Achievement

  • Story Time



    Participate in 60 Kefling's stories

    "Stories" in this sense really means quests. Quests are available from any NPC that has a yellow explanation mark over their heads. Simply talk to them and complete the quest in order to complete the "story". There are a little over 60 total quests, so you will have to do most of them in order to get this, so take your time and help out anyone who needs help.

  • Anyone got any idea which Story mission I may have missed for this achievement. Completed it twice and still no achievement. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks guys.
  • I missed it too, started a new playthru and it popped in the 2nd chapter. There were two stories happening at the same time, one from the king and from the princess. "baby boom" is her quest, to build 4 houses, I did it and it popped. Then his quest is called "tools of the trade", maybe its a choose your own adventure story sometimes and u only get one chance, lol.
  • I missed this one as well during my first playthrough. Guess I'll try doing a second playthrough... (Sigh)
  • I did it! Progress on this achievement, probably doesn't save properly or doesn't save at all. So you gotta complete 60 quests in one go (without quitting the game). I started the game all over again and it popped in chapter 6

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