Thirst for More Achievement

  • Thirst for More



    Get all the speed and strength potions


    For Thirst for More, you have to buy 6 potions in total, 3 for your speed, and 3 for strength, which are found in the top two rows of potions at the "Witch's Hut". You purchase a potion by taking the eyeballs you get from completing different quests and from harvesting materials, and placing them in the witch's hut. After you place the eyeball in the witch's hut, you can buy one potion. There are only a total of 8 eyeballs in the game, and 9 possible potions to make, so make sure you start out buying the speed and strength potions and NOT the carrying capacity potions, as if you max out the carrying potions, you will need to start a new game to try for this achievement.

    Partial credit to forum user "DM HavoX" for helping with this solution!


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