Giant Boogie Achievement

  • Giant Boogie



    Perform each of the dance emotes

    Emotes are gained by doing quests for various Keflings throughout the game. By the time you get towards the end of the game you will have gotten your last emote if you have helped everyone with their quests. Simply select each emote to perform it and this achievement is yours.

    *Glitchy - This achievement is currently a little buggy, whereas your save file might decide it wants to wipe out your emotes. It is best to perform the emote as soon as you get it incase this happens.*

  • Remembering this game from the 360, is it possible to get all of the emotes since a few are multiplayer exclusive? I found an "Offical" unoffical thread on Ninja Bee's Website and it lists a couple multiplayer ones. I know this game has been dropped from the marketplace but would like to finish off the achievement list for it.

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