Start with a Bang Achievement

  • Start with a Bang



    Activate a building by bouncing a kefling through a cannon

    This is a fun little achievement, and is easy enough to get in the forest kingdom. You will be required to build some buildings that require Keflings in them for them to operate, such as a lumber mill, machinist, sculptor, wood carver, ect. What you need to do is grab one of the already built cannons on the map, or build your own canon using a gear at a Machinist shop and place it near a building that requires a Kefling to operate and is greyed out (no Kefling assigned to it yet). It might require some trial and error to get the cannon positioned correctly, but get a Kefling that is jobless (no hat) and then place it in the canon and have it shoot into the building to assign it to that building. Achievement will pop if you successfully shoot the Kefling into the building on the fly!


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