- Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10
- Offline: 14/14 [400]
- Online: 0/14 [0]
- Approximate amount of time to 400: 10-15 Hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 Full and Many Partial
- Missable achievements: 9, but you will need multiple playthroughs
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No Difficulty Settings
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed: No

Abyss Odyssey is a platformer where you are fighting the creatures dreamed by a dangerous warlock on your quest to defeat the warlock. You will need to fight your way down a path of many rooms that have three different levels of difficulty.

Dying in the game or beating the Warlock will send you back to the beginning with all the gold and experience that you collected during your run but not your weapons and items. It is also not possible to save in the middle a run, so you must beat the Warlock in one sitting.

Start a local game. During your first playthrough, you should focus on defeating enemies and gaining some experience. After you have gained some experience you should try and go through the entire dungeon and defeat the Warlock. On the way you will defeat the Nightmare version of one of the main characters, this will unlock the Ghost Monk for future playthroughs.

After defeating the Warlock you should focus on the boss and miscellaneous achievements. Panganini and Verbum Dei are marked on the map by a violin and demon head. The shopkeeper can be found on many levels near the alters or behind breakable walls. Before defeating the shopkeeper you should check his inventory and buy souls and health potions if you need them. The Living Creature is randomly found above ground after you exit the Limbo world that you enter when you defeat the Warlock or die. The golden room on the map has a fountain where you can donate money to unlock the Pincoya.

After you have the different miscellaneous achievements you should focus on leveling each character to at least level 26. This will take about two and a half playthroughs per character. You should also make sure that you attack every shopkeeper you encounter while doing this. Once you have got to this level, find an alter and max out the attributes of three different special attacks.

Capturing Souls
You will need to acquire at least one soul greater than Level 10, Level 25, and Level 40. You do not need to capture the soul, you can also buy it from the shopkeeper or pick it up while in a multiplayer game.

You can only capture monsters that are the same level as you or lower. Once this requirement is met you need to have a max mana bar and then use your + attack on the monster. After you defeat the monster it will drop its soul for you to pick up.

You can also gain souls by defeating the rooms that have a question mark on them in the map. If you defeat it the soul of the monster you used will appear near the entrance of the room you next appear in. Unfortunately the soul is usually not placed in a location where you can pick it up.

Abyss Odyssey is a fun game that offers a few hours of enjoyment. The achievements are also rather easy to obtain and shouldn’t pose much a challenge to anyone that tries to get them.

[XBA would like to thank exit9500 for this roadmap]

Abyss Odyssey Achievement Guide

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There are 14 achievements with a total of 400 points

  • Finish the prologue.


    The prologue begins when you start a local game. You are invincible during the prologue, so you can just run to the end if you want, but there is a basic tutorial during the prologue to give you an introduction into how to play the game.

  • Thief



    Defeat the shopkeeper.


    The shopkeeper can be found in most rooms in the Abyss near alters or behind breakable walls. When you talk to him choose the bottom option to fight him. He is a little difficult for low level characters but doesn’t take any special strategy to defeat.

    Attack type required to break walls:

    • Rock Walls – Any Attack
    • Plant Walls – Charm, Curse, or Poison Attacks
    • Ice Walls – Fire Attacks
    • Lava Walls – Ice Attacks
  • Defeat Paganini, the Demon Violinist.


    On the map you will see rooms with a violin on them. Head toward one of these rooms and search for the alter within it. At the alter you will find Paganini. Talk to Paganini and when you are given an option choose yes. Paganini will then vanish and fight you somewhere in the next few rooms. The fight with Paganini is no different than a normal fight.

  • Defeat Verbum Dei.


    Verbum Dei is located in the room marked on the map with a demon’s head. This is usually somewhere near the middle of the second column. He is a rather slow large enemy that will occasionally stomp his feet and summon a horse across the screen. Long range attacks, such as the Pincoya, make this fight easier.

  • Defeat the Living Creature.


    The Living Creature is winged lion that appears above ground after you exit the limbo you enter when you die or defeat the Warlock. The Living Creature is not a difficult fight, but your level should be in the mid-twenties when you try to fight it.

    If you are having difficulty causing the Living Creature to appear use this method:

    1. Enter the Abyss
    2. Die (your character and the soldier that replaces you)
    3. In the Limbo area, choose to enter at Pocuro Park (second entrance). Pocuro Park has a better chance of encountering the Living Creature than the other entrances.
    4. Repeat Steps 1 to 3 until the Living Creature appears.
  • Defeat the Warlock.


    The Warlock is in the room at the bottom of the map. I found using the Pincoya and her up attack when the Warlock was close to me and her special attack that send the jellyfish-like thing to attack when he was farther away to be the easiest method.

  • Unlock the Pincoya.


    As you head down the Abyss, you will notice a gold room on the map. Head toward this room and interact with the fountain in the room. You will need to donate between 25000-30000 gold to unlock the Pincoya. This achievement unlocks after the trip in the Abyss that you unlock her ends.

  • Capture a level 10 enemy.


    See ”Dream Master

    Note: These are not stackable. Most enemies that are not human, or human-like, fall within this level range. Many are available to purchase from the shopkeeper.

  • Capture a level 25 enemy.


    See ”Dream Master

    Note: These are not stackable. The shopkeeper is Level 28 and will be the easiest for this. The Jester (occasionally available to purchase) and Nightmare versions of the main characters are also in this level range.

  • Capture a level 40 enemy.


    You do not need to actually capture the souls, you just need to possess them. You can also buy them from merchants or pick them up in multiplayer games after the other person drops them. Capturing a enemy's soul requires being at least the same level as the enemy you are trying to capture and using your + attack on the enemy. You can only use this attack when you have a full mana bar. After using the attack, you will need to defeat the enemy and pick up the soul that it drops.

    Method 1 (Capture the Soul):
    Level one of your characters up to Level 60 and set up their fireball/jellyfish attack for the maximum mana increase. Now follow the method outlined in "Lion Tamer” to get the Living Creature to appear. Use your fireball/jellyfish attack to fill your mana. Once it is full use your + attack on the Living Creature and defeat the living creature to pick up its soul.

    You could also capture the Warlock’s soul, but you will need to be Level 70 to capture it.

    Note: Verbum Dei is level 40 but does not unlock the achievement when his soul is captured.

    Method 2 (Buy Soul):
    Find someone that successful captured the soul of the Living Creature or the Warlock. Enter their game at the Sacramentinos Cathedral and go to the Shopkeeper that sells souls and buy the Living Creature or the Warlock. You will need to be directed to the correct soul, as the shop window will show many blank spots that cost 0 gold. One of these is the one you are after and it will charge you gold. You will need approximately 20000 gold.

  • Uncover the Warlock's secret.


    Pages of the Warlock’s Journal are a random drop from enemies. Collecting Page 20 unlocks this achievement. You do not need to collect all 20 pages.

  • Equip Katrien with 3 fully upgraded special attacks.


    Every 3 levels you will gain a skill point. You will have enough skill points for this achievement at Level 26. You will also need to unlock 3 special attacks for each character. You unlock special attacks by picking up orbs. After you have these head to an alter and choose three attributes to give to three skills.

    Orb Locations:

    • Behind the Pit in Pocuro Park
    • In the rafters at Sacramentinos Cathedral
    • Dropped the first time you defeat a Nightmare enemy
    • Dropped the first time you defeat Verbum Dei
    • The treasure dropped by Paganini the first time you talk to him
    • Dropped the first time you defeat the Warlock
    • Inside the Limbo world after you die or defeat the Warlock

    Note: You can only pick up 6 orbs, after that the one you didn’t get will not appear. Each character will need to collect these orbs individually.

  • Equip the Ghost Monk with 3 fully upgraded special attacks.


    See "Ultimate Katrien

  • Equip the Pincoya with 3 fully upgraded special attacks.


    See "Ultimate Katrien



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