Estimated achievement difficulty for 1000: 2/10 [Achievement Difficulty Rating]
Offline: 20 [1000]
Approximate time to 1000: 4-6 hours [Estimated Time to 100%]
Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2
Missable achievements: Yes
Does difficulty affect Achievements: Yes
Unobtainable/Glitched Achievements: No
Glitchy Achievements: No
Extra equipment needed?: No

Discover and investigate a forgotten underwater city built in an intriguing Art-Deco style. This former utopia hides many spine-chilling secrets and supernatural forces, the remains of which still lurk in every corner. Face the ancient evil that is hiding in the deepest chambers of the city of Eden. Hold your breath and dive into the game to experience the wonders of the underworld for yourself.

Step 1: Expert Difficulty + HOPs
Start on expert to get it out of the way so your second playthrough is a bit easier. It is not much more difficult when using a guide, which can be found here. During this playthrough, make sure you do not skip any puzzles or hidden object scenes, as there are achievements tied to completing all of both.

Step 2: Bonus Chapter
The bonus chapter will unlock after completing the main adventure, and you simply need to complete it in any way to unlock its achievement, so feel free to use hints and skip anything.

Step 3: Dominos
You will now need to play the game a second time, but instead of completing the HOPs, you will have to use the skip feature and play the domino mini-games instead. You can do this on any difficulty. You can also use hints all over the place and skip all the puzzles to speed this playthrough along. The only thing to try for is completing a domino game in under one minute.

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Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden Achievement Guide

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There are 20 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Finish any mini-game in less than 1 minute

    There are many simple puzzles in the game, and if you're using the walkthrough, you can quickly follow along to complete them in under one minute. You can also pause the game to reference the guide and plan your moves, as this also pauses the achievement timer.

  • Finish 3 mini-games in a row without using the Skip button

     Refer to "Never a skipper" for more information.

  • Finish all the mini-games without using the 'SKIP' option

    As you progress through the game, make sure you do not press at any point during mini-games to auto-complete them and move the story without doing them.

  • Finish any hidden-object scene in less than 1 minute

    There are a number of HOPs in this game that are not randomized and only have one solution, which are found in the guide linked in the roadmap. Because of this, getting under one minute should be extremely easy. For a bit of extra time, you can pause after getting a few items to reference the guide for where the next few are, as this also pauses the achievement timer.

  • Finish 3 hidden-object scenes in a row without using any hints

     Refer to "Diy Master" for more information.

  • Finish all hidden-object scenes without using any hints

    During all the HOPs throughout the game, make sure you never hit to use a hint and be shown where an item is hiding. Avoid doing that during the entire main adventure and the achievement will unlock toward the end of the game.

  • 3 in 3



    Find 3 hidden-objects within 3 seconds

    Similar to "Quick-eye," you will want to use the pre-set puzzles for this achievement. Reference the guide and find three that are close to each other, and grab them all in quick succession. You'll probably get it in one of the normal HOPs as well.

  • Finish any hidden-object scene with less than 5 mistakes

    For this achievement you can make up for four (4) mistakes and still get the achievement. It is not timed and there is no reason to do it at the same time as "Quick-eye" or "3 in 3" so just take your time and be careful your circle is completely over the item you're wanting to collect.

  • Finish a game of Domino in less than 1 minute

    For this achievement, you will want to try and find matches as close together as possible, as most of your time will be spent moving the cursor around. You can pause the game, which will pause the achievement timer, and try to look for matches that way. Simply build a path to each of the icons on the board to complete the puzzle. If you can place a tile with a blank square and cover two icons at once, that will save quite a bit of time.

    If you continue to struggle, there is a nice little workaround for this. When you start a hidden object scene, find all of the items except one, and THEN start the domino game. The board will be nearly fully covered expect for a single icon, while the achievement timer will start at zero, giving you a full minute to cover one picture. Very easy.

  • Finish half of all the games of Domino

     Refer to "Game, set, match" for more information.

  • Finish all the games of Domino

    During a full playthrough, you will need to choose to skip all of the hidden object scenes by pressing , which will launch a game of dominoes instead. Simply complete all of these to progress the story and unlock the achievement, which will come toward the end of the game. Try to do them quickly, as one achievement requires a game of dominoes to be completed in under a minute. Once you unlock that, you can take your time. You can also use the glitch mentioned in "Speed reach" to start each domino game with only one icon to cover, as the achievement only requires you to finish the domino games, not play them in full.

  • Complete the game

     Refer to "Expert gamer" for more information.

  • Complete the game (Expert Mode)

    Story related and can not be missed. There is a walkthrough linked in the Road Map, or you can follow the video below if you prefer video over text and pictures. Make sure to do one of your two playthroughs on Expert. The only differences in this mode is that objects of interest won't sparkle, and making too many mistakes during HOPs will cause the screen to blur for a few seconds. Otherwise, the game is exactly the same.


Secret achievements

  • Make your way through the maze in the Agricultural section

    Story related and cannot be missed.

  • Free yourself from the Restraining Vines

    Story related and cannot be missed.

  • Give a cute squirrel a nut

    Story related and cannot be missed.

  • Collect the Flower from Greenhouse

    Story related and cannot be missed.

  • Escape from the Laboratory

    Story related and cannot be missed.

  • Scare the beast blocking your way

    Story related and cannot be missed.

  • Save your child from the hospital (additional content)

    Story related and cannot be missed (bonus adventure).

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