Archeologist Achievement

  • Archeologist



    Gather all 6 pieces of the first Nep2no vessel

    Scattered throughout the game are six pieces of the predecessor to your craft. You will notice them they spin around and fade in and out, giving off bubbles. They are quite well hidden, and blend in well with their surroundings, so are quite hard to see

    Fortunately, their locations are as follows:

    1: Abyss 2 - This one is just past the exit to the level; make sure you don’t exit by mistake and continue a little further.

    2: Abyss 4 - After the first Gaia, continue down and to the left

    3: Abyss 6 - Between the two vertical pillars around half way through the level

    4: Abyss 8 - To the right side of the exit at the end of the level

    5: Nightmare 5 - Between the fourth and fifth Gaia, to the right

    6: Nightmare 8 - Near the start of the level, on the left between the second and third Gaia


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