Artificial Intelligence Achievement

  • Artificial Intelligence



    Get 3 Gaias in less than 15 seconds

    The easiest place to get this is in the first Nightmare level, as there are eight Gaia. It is possible in the regular Abyss levels, but there are only a few per level and they are pretty spaced out. Have a little explore of the level, and find the first five, they are all in close proximity to each other. When you know where you are going, take aim and go for it.

    NOTE: Important note, once you have collected a Gaia, you cannot collect it again for this achievement. Basically you have one run at each one. If you miss your first attempt, there is no point reloading the level and trying again, just try again on the next level. If you finish the game without this, you will need to reinstall and try again.


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