9 win(s) Achievement in ACA NEOGEO: Art of Fighting 3

  • 9 win(s)



    You won 9 time(s).

  • How to unlock 9 win(s)

    The strategy used for Original Mode is identical to that used for Hi Score Mode. Refer to the "HI SCORE MODE 6 win(s)" achievement solution for more information. The remainder of this achievement solution wlll describe how to take advantage of certain settings in Original Mode for those new to NEOGEO games.

    There are two things you can do to make these achievements much easier in Original Mode. The first is, upon starting a game, pause and go to Game Settings. Set the difficulty to the lowest, and set the rounds to 1. Now you only have to beat each opponent once instead of twice. The second thing is you can abuse save states. At any point while playing, if you've done well (typically after each victory), pause the game and choose Create Interrupt Save Data. This will create a save state. If you ever do poorly or lose, pause and Return To Title Screen and then choose Original Mode and you'll be back at your save state. Make saves after each victory and reload in this manner if you do poorly. This will ensure your victory.

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