HI SCORE MODE 1,000,000 points Achievement

  • HI SCORE MODE 1,000,000 points



    HI SCORE MODE 1,000,000 points.

    To get to a million points, you will need to get either a really long way through the game on three lives, or ace the first two levels. If you manage to get to the end of the second level, you will either be above a million, or really close to it!

    The key to big scores is finishing the levels with all POWs rescued. However, if you die, you lose all collected POWs, so you need to finish the level without dying.

    The first level isn’t too bad, most of the POWs are in plain sight. The only missable one is right near the beginning - you need to shoot upwards at the first palm tree you see. The boss isn’t too hard. You will get way more points if you just use your attack, but don’t be afraid to hit him with a few s if you feel the need. If you manage to perfect this level, you will finish at around 500k points.

    Level 2 is much tougher than the first, due to angled walkways making straight shooting harder, and mummies than turn you into a mummy if they hit you with their bad breath. You will also have bats carrying purple goo that turns you into a mummy if it hits you. There are also a few annoying platform jumps that can catch you out. The mummies are more out in the open in this level. The only missable one really is in the tunnel entrance where you first see the mummies. Walk in, shoot, and he will be released and rescued. When you get to the boss, just keep on jumping up and shooting down and he will go down quickly. Make sure you stay to the right or left when you see him charging his big shot, although you may have him beat before he manages to let it off. By the end of this level, you should have this achievement done.

    Getting these two levels done perfectly will likely take you many tries, but the levels are only short so are quite easy to learn. Keep on trying, you will get there!

    The video below sees the first two levels being done perfectly; it is recommended to watch this before trying!


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