HI SCORE MODE 150,000 points Achievement

  • HI SCORE MODE 150,000 points



    HI SCORE MODE 150,000 points.

    Hi-Score mode starts you on level 4 difficulty and with 3 lives. Luckily, you can get all the points you need by completing the first level without dying, while rescuing all of the POWs. This will most likely take a you a few attempts, as it only takes one stray bullet to kill you, but you are so overpowered that you will kill most enemies (apart from the mid-level and end boss) before they get a shot off. Most of the POWs are in plain sight, so shoot them free and touch them with your guy to rescue them. 
    There are four hidden POWS in the level, make sure you get them too! There is an incline with a waterfall on the top where you get attacked by two tanks. Take them out and then shoot vertically up the last two water streams, and two POWs will fall out of each of them. The only other one that may give you an issue is the very last one. The best way to get him is to attack the boss a bunch of times before deliberately getting your tank hit by the boss, so you can jump out, head up the platforms and tag him.
    If you got all the POWs and didn't die, you will get up to 165k for the single level.

    *Note: If the 100k one doesn't pop for you (as you keep on finishing the level after bonuses at over 150k), try missing a few regular enemies, and waiting before moving on to the end boss. This will sacrifice some points so you don't overshoot.


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