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  • HI SCORE MODE 200,000 points



    HI SCORE MODE 200,000 points.

    Hi Score mode starts you off on difficulty level 4 with a single life. The points are pretty straightforward in this game, you get points for defeating enemies and picking up orbs. There are no hidden items or pickups that you can miss, you just need to beat up everything thrown at you. Your attack button is , and your special is . You can jump with , but you don’t really need to jump and landing jumping kicks can be tricky. To use you special, hold until it is fully charged, then release to unleash it. The orbs you pick up replenish your health, and different letters on them give you a different special to use. Below your power bar you will see a number. This is how many specials you have to use, if you have none you will use your basic special and lose 2 health points. Be careful though, as getting hit while charging cancels it, make sure you are out of the line of fire first.

    The first level is fairly simple, the enemies aren’t too tough and there are plenty of orbs to collect. Take out the first five or six enemies, and you will get to your first mid boss. Charge your special and take him out by using it twice. You will pick up some orbs shortly after to replenish your health. Keep on moving forward, beating up all the goons and mutants. The next time you should use your special is against the three green reptile guys that burst in from the background. They have a fair bit of health and can easily get a hit in, but will all die from one special and again there are more orbs just after. The next mid boss you get to will have two yellow dogs with him which are hard to hit, so do the same as with the first one and hit him with two specials. In the next area, there are mostly regular enemies, but once you get to where the background is windows with curtains, stay to the right hand side of the screen. This will keep all of the enemies to the left so you can spam and avoid getting hit. This will move you onto the boss.

    The level 1 boss is a huge knight, and he can kill you fast if you don’t pay attention to his attacks. He is easy to walk up to and hit, but he will attack if he gets knocked down with one of three attacks. His first attack is two hard punches, just stay away from him when he gets up. The second is a jumping attack that is quite hard to dodge - just keep moving. His third attack is jumping and landing just in front of you, then charging. Keep an eye on his shadow, and move out of his path the second he lands to avoid getting hit. Hit him with combos as much as you can, they will take off a full health point. He has three sets of three health points to take off before he dies. If you have decent health, don’t worry about using a standard special or two if needed. Upon finishing the level, you should have around 80k points.

    You will encounter new enemies in the second level, mostly similar to the first. However, you will first encounter grenade guys during this level. They will run to the edge of the screen, firing a grenade to the other side. They are easily avoidable, but damage quite a bit, so watch out for them. At the start of the level, pick up the “D” orb last, as this will be more useful for you. Play through the level, trying not to get hit - it is advisable to use a special on the third group of four enemies, as another two enemies and two grenade guys will run in afterwards. Your “D” powerup will get rid of all of them. The mid boss in this level is pretty tough. Do not attack him from the front as he can do major damage. Use whatever powerups you have left, then just blitz attack him from behind until he goes down. Moving on, make sure you pick up the “C” powerup last, as again this will be more useful. Once you have beaten the female enemies, you will come to two banks of three bikes. As soon as you see the first bank, use your powerup and you should take out both rows. There are a few more groups of enemies before the boss - try to take them out without powerups if you can so you can save them for the boss.

    The level 2 boss is pretty tough. She spews little mutants out of her stomach that will damage you if they hit you, so stay clear of them. She fights quite like the mid boss, so apply similar tactics. Use any and all powerups you have left on her, then hit her will flurries of combos from behind if you can. Her attacks don’t really have a pattern, but if she is in front of you and within reach, she will hit you. If you can beat her, you will get a 50k bonus and should have your 200k. If not, you will be very close, so beat a few regular enemies on the third level and you will be there.


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