Score 150,000 points Achievement in ACA NEOGEO: NAM-1975

  • Score 150,000 points



    The score won 150,000 points.

  • How to unlock Score 150,000 points

    In Original Mode you'll need a total score of 150,000 to unlock all the related achievements. Unfortunately, if you lose all your lives and need to use a credit to continue, your score resets to zero. This means you need to score 150,000 points in one credit. Thankfully you can make this very easy on yourself by:

    1. Going into the Game Settings and lowering the difficulty to 1 and increasing your lives to the highest.
    2. Abusing the Create Interrupt Save option in the pause menu.

    For the latter, whenever you have a lull in the action, quickly pause and select Create Interrupt Save. Now, if you die, pause and choose Return to Title Screen and then choose Original Mode again. You'll be back where you created your save. Do this as often as you need, just make sure you don't create a save when you're in the fray so you don't make a save where you're about to die every time.

    You'll have to progress to the third level to get this many points. You can also use the video in the "HI SCORE 100,000 points" achievement solution as a reference for the first level and some of the second.

    Once you reach 150,000 points, let yourself die until you run out of lives, don't continue, and then make sure to post your score.

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