All Medals Achievement

  • All Medals



    All medals attained.

    The medals can be obtained by completeing various acts throughout the game. The medals are devided between Service Medals and Operation Medals. You have to get all medals on both sheets in order to unlock this achievement. Please refer to this thread for medal descriptions and how to get them.
  • Getting the Sharpshooter Medal.... Does anybody know! on mission 9 heavy command cruiser at the end when you have to destroy the cockpit can you use a missile??? Or has anybody got any tips on shooting it down with the gun?....
  • Watch this video: Do this mission on EXPERT or ACE difficulty and destroying the cockpit of the Agaion is so much easier.
  • :O
  • @Guidestone, thanks that video really helped me. Just got the achievement :D
  • Never gonna buy this game. it didn't buy me.
  • Ha Haaa!!! Right, I've just done this on Normal. I was having no luck with any plane I used trying to get that window. I tried every approach, sometimes I'd get it 75% down then no further despite hitting it the same way. So, I gave it a couple of missiles first. That knocks it down to about 15% left. Then I finished it off with the A10 gun. I flew down from above and let the target move into my stream of bullets. A bit jammy perhaps but the results at the end said 100% for bullet kills. Get in! Wish I'd tried that four hours ago!
  • Noooo!!! Sorry. You'll have to ignore my previous excitable post. I'm wrong. Wrong wrong wrong. Looking at the battle statistics, my gun is at (sob) 95%. What I did was a combo kill - 5%. Now I know how Gold Leader felt when he thought he took down the Death Star. Note to self: check results before posting. Grrrr.
  • old hhhhh
  • This is a hard achievement but possible
  • also lestin to other people
  • frustrating
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  • Just recently got all single player achievements , only real problem I had was switching between the 3 save slots . Stick with just one space , otherwise you'll end up with medals split up between those slots , I had medals showing in one slot but not the others . Had to do extra complete run through in order to pop achievements & keep all the medals together .

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