10 Frontline Landings Achievement

  • 10 Frontline Landings



    Complete 10 total frontline landings.

    A frontline landing is landing on an airport that is on the battlefield. On the lower left of your screen, next to your radar map, if you are near a liberated airport, you will see a "landing gear" animation show up. You need to drop your landing gear and be guided into the runway. If you are going to fast the control tower will tell you, you are on your own.
    You can land, takeoff, turn around, and then land again. You do have to have a mission successful to get this achievement though
  • What is the easiest level to do it on?
  • Mission 5 Anea Landing is the best. After doing operation B you have liberated an airport. Just do it quickly as it will take 10+ min off the mission clock. You will also get Needle's Eye medal.

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