Mission 9 Achievement

  • Mission 9



    Destroy the heavy command cruiser Aigaion.

    Play the game and beat the ninth level
  • Anybody got tips for doing this with the F-16 on normal.
  • Extremely annoying on Hard. Skip the tankers as that won't effect your rank of the mission. Go straight for either Kottos craft the ESM ones. Try to do it 3 passes. Then use Allied support to take out one of the Geyes craft or go right ahead and make them cover you from the Strigeon or go after them. The cockpit target is now under the mouth of the hangar section, not on top. You also have to shoot the core so go far below it and come up toward the front and use the XMAs.
  • To get Night Owl & Sharpshooter at the same time on Normal I used the Tornado , Wingman the Nosferatu . Target the Kottos as mentioned above letting your Wingman use his missiles to do most of the work . Run from the formation , the Strigons will chase you , then quick turn & target them for your squad to take out . After the Strigons are gone , target the remaining craft again for your squad . The final target is the Aigaion cockpit , a large V shape . The hit point is the exact center or bottom of the V . I had a lot of difficulty attacking from the front ( as seen in Youtube videos ). Instead , I climbed high then dived from behind at about 70 degrees ( which helps avoid anti-air missiles )& walked the bullets to the center of the V . Diving past the nose of the Aigaion I made 3 looping

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