All Secrets Achievement

  • All Secrets



    Unlock all hidden contents.

    You unlock all the hidden content by beating the game on different difficulties. Most are unlocked by beating the game on normal, however there are a few that require you to beat the game on expert.

    CFA 44 Nosferatu Fighter - Beat the game on Hard difficulty. It will appear in your hangar, purchase it for $229,500.

    Music Player - Beat the game once.

    Scene Viewer - Beat the game once.

    Unlock Expert Difficulty- Beat the game once.

    Unlock Ace Difficulty - Beat the game on expert.

    SP New Game - Complete campaign once on any difficulty setting.

    you also need to unlock all planes and colors.
  • I did not get this achievement until I got the last medal. I had everything else completed that was in the guide. So for any of you that might think you're bugged try getting the All Medals achievement first before you get upset.
  • Yes, a bit misleading this one. I was thinking 'all secrets' was the secret achievements but it isn't. Unlocking all hidden contents is what you need to do so if there's medals or assault records missing you need to get them sorted for this achievement.
  • really 5 posts to edit content? does this count?
  • One comment per minute WTF?
  • Ok this should be 5...
  • Really difficult to pull this one off

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