Battle Royale (100) Achievement

  • Battle Royale (100)



    Win 100 Battle Royale matches.

    When you play online, just make sure it is in Battle Royale Mode. Can be done on Player match.
  • man i hate online achievements
  • is the online for this game dead
  • If anyone plays this still or wants to get the online achievements add me.
  • TrplDeuce222 add me and send me a message if anyone still needs online stuff for this
  • hit me up also, id like to get the online achievements
  • Me too.
  • I need help with all online chivos and I can help too. add me Filipe Rambo
  • @3, 4, 5, 6, and 7. I added all of you on Xbox. Whisper1992
  • Online is the worst for a game this old!
  • I need help with these achivements hit me up my GT is WTTHOOD.
  • If n e one wants to tackle these achievements hit me up online gt P0S3Y420
  • help needed for these online achievements gametag montixbox

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