Online Kills (200) Achievement

  • Online Kills (200)



    Shoot down 200 total other player aircraft online.

    You will get this eventually, just keep shooting down other players online, ranked and player matches count toward your online kill total.
  • i wish they would get rid of online achievements
  • Yeah, I've got no chance. Games like this such Rainbow Six Vegas that are mostly online achievements means I'll never get 100%. I'm just not that good and besides I can't spare the time.
  • im willing to boost this if you guys are? GT: Demon Haze II
  • online achievements sucks. anyone interested to work together to get it? GT: RenO FuriO
  • I am, just requested it RenO FuriO
  • Add me if you want to boost this my GT is WTTHOOD.
  • Looking to do the online achievements, but primarily this one and the co-op ones. Hit me up and we can knock em out. Will help with any you need as well. GT: ElementalWeapon.
  • Used to play this game years ago on the PS2. I just ran round and shot at everything. Great fun! Just about finished the Gears thing so I am looking for something to do. I am going to pick up Ace 6 for the 360 this weekend. I have 3 X-Boxes so I guess maybe, 3 copies would be all right to boost with?

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