Pasternak Defeated Achievement

  • Pasternak Defeated



    Enemy Strigon squadron leader Ilya Pasternak defeated.

    Pasternak is a pain. The second you lose sight of him, he goes stealth and you have to find him all over again because you automatically lock onto a UAV that is aiding him. Once he gets killed though, the mission ends.
    NOTE: everytime pasternak uses his ESM he has to slow down, and cannot go stealth. Try to just follow him, until he uses his ESM then machine gun him and missle him.
    If you are playing Expert difficulty try to stay as close to the ground as possible since the radar advantage is lost for the enemy. When you get a chance get close to him and send allied assault, shoot a couple missles and bail. Rinse and Repeat.
  • Oftentimes it's easier to go for him straight away rather than shooting down the drone planes - keep a eye on your radar. However, if you are going for the all 'S' ranking achievement, it is better to call in allied support to help you shoot them down - get as many as you can - the more you hit Pasternak the less of them there will be...
  • You have to shoot down at least 35 UAVs to get an S-rank on the mission

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