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There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points

  • Complete Level 2 on any Difficulty

    Beat Mission 2 of any area on any mode to obtain this achievement. Difficulty & rating does not matter.
  • Finish Solo game on Normal

    You must beat the game on Normal. This achievement is not difficulty-stackable, meaning you cannot get this by beating the game on Hard.

    See "Flight Commander" for tips.
  • Finish Solo game on Hard

    Again, this achievement is not difficulty-stackable. You can not beat this game on Hard to get "Combat Pilot." You will only get "Flight Commander" after beating Mission 9 in Solo Mode on Hard.

    General Tips for survival:
    • Your journey will consist of 9 missions, regardless of which areas you progress throughout the game.
    • Ship choice is a matter of preference. Each ship has the same health system.
    • You can shoot every weapon all at once. Rapidly tapping (Chaingun) while holding or pressing (Cluster Missiles) helps with killing many ships, while pressing (Torpedoes) will home in on an enemy and create a small splash radius. This tactic can stress your thumb out (if you only use your thumb) so be careful.
    • Note that you can only have one particular upgrade at a time. For example, if you pick up Chaingun upgrade Lvl. 1 and then pick up Cluster Missile upgrade Lvl. 1, your Chaingun will revert back to it's normal state.
    • Your primary upgrade should be the Chaingun (Yellow Orbs). This is the weapon you shoot the most and is very effective in managing small ships with ease.
    • Use Temporal Shift if you have trouble navigating the asteroid & ice rock fields. This will save you a lot of stress and health.
    • Resist rapid Barrel Rolling. Sometimes you'll make dodging fire worse by dodging into enemy fire. When you barrel-roll, if you do not move, you revert back to your original location where you performed the move.
    • The jump of difficulty from Normal to Hard is not too much. More shots are fired and less damage is absorbed. Besides that, the strategies remain the same. There are no "surprise enemies" added in higher difficulties.
  • Finish Co-op game on Normal

    Finish Mission 9 on Normal difficulty with a partner. This achievement is not difficulty-stackable.
  • Finish Co-op game on Hard

    Finish Mission 9 Co-op on Hard difficulty. This achievement is not difficulty-stackable.
  • Earn 5 Stars on any Level, on any Difficulty


    Get a 5 Star rating on any Mission. Difficulty does not matter.

    See "Hero of Vanguardia-7" for tips
  • Earn 5 Stars on all 25 Levels on Normal

    See "Hero of Vanguardia-7" for tips. This is not difficulty-stackable as explained in the "Hero of Vanguardia-7" achievement.
  • Earn 5 Stars on all 25 Levels on Hard

    General Tips:
    • Your ratings are separate from all other difficulties. This means areas you get a 5 Star in on one difficulty will not merge to other difficulties. (Ex. Obtaining a 5* in Mission 6 on Normal and obtaining a 4* in Mission 2 on Hard difficulty. These ratings will not merge so you will not have a 4* in Mission 2 on Normal or a 5* in Mission 6 on Hard.)
    • Progress saves throughout all modes, Solo, Co-op, or Xbox Live. Gaining a 5* on Co-op on a Mission will appear if you play Solo.
    • Also, in order to save your rating, you must either beat Mission 9 or get Game Over as quitting or dropping connection will not save your progress.
    • The Purple Orbs (Warp Orbs) are what allows you to change the area you're in after completing a mission. By default, you go through the middle route (Asteroids). The three routes are, from left to right, Dark Star (Orange), Asteroids (Green), and Ice Nebula (Blue). You can switch routes after any mission as long as you obtain the Warp Orb.
    • Switching routes is also useful if you have Missions needed to 5* on a different route.
    • There is no Mission Select. You must work your way back to Missions you did not 5*. If you did not 5* Mission 9, you must work your way back up.
  • Complete Level 5 in an Xbox LIVE Co-op match

    Make it to Mission 5 of any area and complete it. Difficulty & rating does not matter.
  • Achieve 10,000,000 points


    This may seem like a lot of points, but it's not too difficult to get on any difficulty.

    • As your combo rises, a multiplier is added. Keeping a consistent combo is key to gaining a high score. Your combo lasts a very short time (about 1 second). Do not stress if there are breaks between combos with small amounts of enemies.
    • Shoot torpedoes & missiles at the bigger ships while shooting the smaller ships. This will increase the combo and will net you higher numbers.
    • To Scan for invisible enemies: Hold . What this does is uncover any invisible enemies near the scanning cone. If you hear a faint "woo-wooooo...woo-woooooo..." that means there is an invisible carrier in the area. Find and kill it for 75,000 points, more if there's a multiplier in effect.
  • Complete 5 Levels without losing a life

    Survive a streak of 5 missions without dying to get this achievement. Difficulty does not matter. Follow the tips from "Flight Commander" to help you obtain this achievement.
  • Finish game without losing a life



    You must make it through the game and complete Mission 9 without dying. Difficulty does not matter. Follow the tips from "Flight Commander" to help you obtain this achievement.

    Note that if you play Co-op and your partner dies, this may not unlock.

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