Canyon Pass Achievement

  • Canyon Pass



    Find the three animal tokens and unlock the canyon gate.


    The canyon gate is the one right next to the starting point of the game.


    1) Spiral - Right next to the pond, guarded by a scorpion. You need to use the crowbar to remove the rocks and then a flashlight to see what is inside (found in area at base of pole with ice on it). Finally you need the red glove from the hood of the helicopter to actually be able to pick up the token. To get the it from the hood of the helicopter, you need to help Hawk move it with a log you get from the far side of the rift where you start. Get across that rift with the ladder (found in the Hidden Object scene in the helicopter) wrapped with the green material laying out by the pole with ice near the helicopter.

    2) Bird - Use the knife (found outside helicopter) on the amber globe that is on the far side of the rift mentioned in the Spiral token above.

    3) Squirrel - The puzzle for this token is located in the box across the rift mentioned above. You need to collect three weights to start the puzzle. One is near the base of the icy pole, the second above and to the left of the pond in a crack in the canyon wall, and the third is in the aloe plant next to the scorpion hole.

    Once you have all three tokens, insert them into the door.


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