Ritual Chamber Achievement

  • Ritual Chamber



    Enter the hidden valley of Adera through a secret chamber.


    After opening the canyon gate, there are a few puzzles that need to be solved to enter the Adera Valley.

    Raise the steps to cliff side door: For this you need to collect 3 metal slats and then use them to complete the simple puzzle.

    1. By the pond at the start
    2. Base of the third obelisk (to the right of the one you use to laser the cliff side)
    3. In the zoom-in just left of the cliff side door

    Cliff side door: Collect two pieces of marble disk. Then insert them into the cliff side door and click the handle.

    1. After opening the canyon gate, take the right path and check the broken ship hull on the left.
    2. In the same area as 1. You need to get the crane working to pull a buried crate out of the ground. First get the crank from the Hidden Object scene in the same area. Attach it to the crane. Then back and take the left path. A hook for the crane is located at the base of the obelisk to the right of the one you laser the mountainside with. Take the hook back to the crane and attach it to raise the crate for this piece.

    Secret chamber door: Once in the secret chamber, first look at your feet and solve the puzzle to activate the four blue buttons around you. Then you need to find the 6 missing glowing blue shards. Once you collect them all, insert them in the correct buttons. Then click the door and solve the puzzle to open it.

    1. Look to your right. Click on the pots under some metal cogs. Inside these pots.
    2. Same as 1.
    3. Click on big hole in the wall between to two blue buttons.
    4. Still looking right, click on the pots to the right. Shard is inside those pots.
    5. In the same location as 4, there is a hammer to pick up. Use it to smash the rightmost fiery enclosure behind you to reveal the shard.
    6. Now looking left, it is inside the big pot near the left button.

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