Quetzal Aflame Achievement

  • Quetzal Aflame



    Discover the way into a hidden city.

    For this you need to repair the broken rope bridge by completing several puzzles. Once in Adera (jungle), take the left most path. Use the rope which you get from breaking the crate inside the broken ship hull to activate the windmill.

    Lowering the drawbridge: You now need to use 7 collected gears to solve the puzzle to lower the drawbridge.

    1. In a zoom-in directly to the left of the cliff side door
    2. In the secret chamber with blue button, left side on the floor
    3. After entering Adera, in a zoom-in to the right in the grass near a strange blue plant.
    4. In the rocks to the left of the windmill.
    5. Zoom-in on the rocks to the right of the windmill
    6. Take the right of the two paths in Adera. On the ground in this new scene. Hard to miss.
    7. Same area as 6, zoom-in on the rock to the left.

    Make sure to pick up the whetstone in the zoom-in of the rocks to the right of the windmill. Then head over the bridge. Collect the stick from near the light magnification device and the axe from the zoom-in near the red flowers. Backtrack to the first jungle scene. Turn around, look up and use the stick on the vines above. Complete the Hidden Object scene to get the roll of paper and leather. Now take the right most path in the first jungle scene. Use the axe on the bushes blocking the path, it will break. Repair it with the leather, twine, and whetstone. The twine is gotten from the Hidden Object scene next to the broken ship hull. Axe the bushes again to reveal more scenes. Take the path straight ahead. Crossing this broken bridge is the final objective of Episode One. Pick up the talisman laying on the ground in plain sight by the bridge. Complete the following puzzles to finish the game.

    Marble puzzle on floor after axing the bushes: Collect three marbles to start this puzzle and reveal a piece of wire.

    1. Found in the crate that you used the crane to raise from under the sand.
    2. Right on the ground near the light magnification device
    3. Zoom-in on the rock to right of the broken rope bridge.

    Makeshift string instrument to right in the first jungle scene: You need to complete the instrument and then play the correct notes on it.

    1. Wire 1: Zoom-in of the pond at the very start of the game
    2. Wire 2: Zoom-in of the rock to the right of the broken rope bridge
    3. Wire 3: Reward for completing the marble puzzle
    4. Spoked Rock: First get the sun-shaped key by completing the puzzle to the left of the light contraption. Then backtrack to the cliff side door scene. Click on the far right pillar with the design and insert the sun-shaped key. Click the hatch to get this rock.
    5. Charcoal Rubbing: You need to make a charcoal rubbing for which notes to play on the instrument. First get the charcoal by zooming in on the rock to the left in the scene where you axed the bushes. You also need paper, which is obtained in the Hidden Object scene behind you in the vines when you enter Adera (same one as you got the leather). Take these items to the jungle floor (right path from scene with marble puzzle) and click on the panel. Use the cloth to clear the grime away (found by zooming in on plant to the left of the broken rope bridge). Then use the paper and charcoal to make the rubbing. Place them all into the instrument and play the notes in the correct order to reveal a focusing crystal.

    Completing the light magnification device: Located over the windmill bridge. Requires 5 lenses and a focusing crystal.

    1. Lens 1: Found in the crate pulled from the ground by the crane in the desert.
    2. Lens 2: Found in the secret chamber with the blue buttons on the floor (facing forward, it's to the left)
    3. Lens 3: In the scene with the marble puzzle, on the ground
    4. Lens 4: At the jungle floor, zoom-in on the purple flower
    5. Lens 5: You need the hammer and chisel for this one. The hammer is unmissable and must be collected in the secret chamber. The chisel is obtained from the zoom-in on the plant next to the marble puzzle. Hit it with the hammer to dislodge it and pick it up. In the first jungle scene, look left for a sparkling area. Zoom-in and use the chisel and hammer to free this lens.
    6. Focusing Crystal: Rewarded for completing the string instrument (see above)

    Click on the broken pillar piece of the device to repair it. Place the 5 lenses in the device and the crystal in the middle. Click each lens to focus the light on the crystal. Then head down to the newly lit area (next to marble puzzle). Insert the talisman (found on ground near broken rope bridge) and complete the puzzle to repair the rope bridge to Adera.


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