A Helping Hand Achievement

  • A Helping Hand



    Show your friends what you’re doing in Adera using the Share charm.

    While playing the game, take your mouse to the far top right corner of the screen to bring in the charms bar and click "share" (or use the Windows Key + H shortcut). Then select any of the available sharing options (ex. Mail or Skydrive). The achievement should pop without actually having to share your screenshot, so just back-out to the game. This achievement should not require an active network connect to unlock.

  • use the charm bar by going to the upper right corner of the screen and choose "share" (it's the bar where you find the settings and the shortcut to the metro screen, second object). Choose an app (like email app) to share your progression. The achievement shoul pop up right after. No need to send anything to your friend. You have to enable "share" in the PC-Settings, first My question is, how activate this "share" options? Could anyone show me this on the video because i dunno know how activate this bar :/ Keep me informed via mail: [email protected] Big thanks
  • Ok, i figured this out how to do this xD http://i.imgur.com/k97zA.jpg
  • Yeah won't allow me to share either :(
  • To display the Charm bar within the game the shortcut is Windows Key + C, then press Share option and it should give you the Achievement (there is no need to send the email to anyone, only need to click on share at least that was my case)
  • ok I have shared this a dozen times or more and still no achievement...sooooooooooooooooooooooooo?
  • There is the glitch since last update. i was reported about this issue as a bug on developer's facebook, they promised to inspect this.
  • This achievement is workink now with an update!!!

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