Why Did It Have to Be Bees? Achievement

  • Why Did It Have to Be Bees?



    Chase away the bees and enter the mysterious Aderan city.

    Get the torch from the Hidden Object game that is in the small rectangular pond of water. The game is located in the scene across the stone bridge. Light the torch in the fiery pipe found by zooming in to the right of the stone bridge. Get the straw from the bird's nest found to the left of the stone bridge on a rock (only after giving the bird the berries, completing the puzzle, and the bird flying away). Get the three wood planks:

    1. At the start of the episode, turn around and zoom in on the broken bridge you just came across at the end of Episode 1. It is on the ground in the grass to the left.
    2. In the scene with the broken gate (with the satchel behind it), zoom in on the sentry position (stone structure to left of gate). It is on the ground in the grass to the right of the structure.
    3. In the scene past the stone bridge. Zoom in on the spiky plant. They are resting on top of one of the stone blocks in plain sight.

    Go back to the fire pit below bee's nest. Place the straw in, then the three wood planks, then use the lit torch to light a fire which creates smoke and scares the bees away.


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