The Glow Achievement

  • The Glow



    Pour the glowing mixture into the base of the sundial.

    There are many steps to completing this achievement.

    1. Get gauntlets - Zoom in on the structure to the left of the red gate with a hole in it. Click the cloth to reveal these.
    2. Get torch and light it - See "Why Did It Have To Be Bees?" for more information.
    3. Use the gauntlets on the red ivy at the base of the glowing tree. Complete the Hidden Object game to get the trowel and jerky.
    4. In the scene with the sundial, grab the ceremonial bowl, which is sitting on the ground just to the right. Now, zoom in on the sundial. Get the stone fish from the ground on the right.
    5. Take the path directly behind the sundial. Zoom in on the caiman to the right. Use the jerky to get the caiman to go away. Complete the puzzle to cross the lagoon.
    6. At the shrine (scene once you cross lagoon), use the stone fish on the emblem to the right (brown circular thing). It will fill the basin with a liquid and expose a fire pit.
    7. Go to the fire pit on the opposite side and use the lit torch to start a fire. It will warm the liquid in the basin and transform its color.
    8. Use the ceremonial bowl on the basin to gather some of the liquid.
    9. Go back to the sundial and use the bowl with the glowing mixture on the bottom of the sundial.

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